Tuesday, December 17, 2013


All Black Wide Heel
Posted by Grace
MissMeers Bridgeport

Recently, I found myself searching for the perfect neutral to wear with a few of my Fall favorites. I needed something to work with my grey wool coat, Pendleton scarf, and a trendy neon yellow beanie. Sometimes all at the same time.

Gotta work with my three Fall favorites.
Of course I have black covered already, and I've done the whiskey/cognac thing so many times. So, in hopes of changing it up from yet another taupe bootie, I decided to pick up the All Black Wide Heel in navy. I know what you're thinking: "But navy is so hard to match!" or maybe, "Oh, no. Navy is the color of my mom's old work suits." And you might be right. However, this cutie is different. Just bright enough to pop against black (that's the rule, folks: you can wear navy and black together as long as they aren't so similar it looks like you got dressed in the dark), plus they match jeans perfectly, so just about anything I'd wear with denim is fair game. 

Side note? I can wear them all day, and carry a baby in them. And please don't be scared of the suede, a little protective spray and you're good to go! The texture is so rich and warm - don't miss out.

Wear navy with all black!
...or with bright color!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Posted By Tyler
MissMeers Bridgeport

Over the last year I have worked at Miss Meers I have established quite the impressive shoe collection (as you can imagine!). I was drawn to it all: the crazy, printed, super high, and totally trendy; the classic, the neutral. You name it. Never have I swiped my card and left with a pair anything less than fabulous. Now on my last day in this shoe wonderland, I am faced with an impossible decision. How will I ever decide on my final shoe purchase as a Miss Meers employee? With reality setting in, I'm faced with the fact that I won’t be wearing the wild pairs I have grown so accustomed to rocking on a daily basis. Let’s be honest: it’s not just any job where you can wear amazing, sky high heels every day.

I need something I have heard women asking for almost every day I have worked here: I need the perfect shoe, the one that has it all! I want a trendy shoe that can be timeless for years to come, as well as versatile. One perfect for casual, work, and sassy outfits. Comfy, so I don’t have to save them for special occasions, and well made, so I can rock them forever!

And here she is: the All Black, Little Fur. A timeless nod to the oxford and saddle shoe. Its amazing oxblood color (so trendy right now) is still easy to wear because of its black details. And rock-and-roll calf hair? I’m in love! I’m already dreaming about wearing them on a cozy fall day with my favorite skinny jeans and a knit poncho, rocking them this holiday season with a little black dress, and slipping them on this spring with a cute vintage dress. And hey, they even look cute with the jean jacket and floral skirt I wore in today. Coincidence? I think not!

What better way to wrap up my time at Miss Meers than walking away in the perfect, has-it-all shoe.
With jeans & a poncho...
... or a holiday dress
... or a vintage floral!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Sometimes I actually find the shoe that I imagine will complete my wardrobe; the one that haunts my dreams and waking hours as the solution to all of my outfit woes. Finally, that shoe enters my life, and it will go with that funky dress, every blouse I own, AND those jeans I wear more often than I’d like people to know. Maybe my mom will even like them! When this happens to me, inevitably the shoes are purchased, become my own before even leaving the store, and once home, are very happy in my closet.

Other times though, I stumble across a shoe that stumps me, I am drawn to it but can’t picture it with my clothes, and yet I keep coming back to it. This is what happened to me with the spectator pumps we started carrying this fall: the insanely comfortable Fidji “Sign Me Up”, and the perfectly strapped Miz Mooz “Safari”. They are both classics made new, a novel concept that I adore for shoes as old trends become modern.

But, what do I wear with them? Instead of being intimidated by the shoes I thought were out of my league, I got excited about the challenge, and all of the sudden items in my closet were looking different to me and given new life when I thought about these shoes paired with them. Both of the shoe shapes are lady-like, with a heel that is not too high or too short, and their two-toned brogue detailing gives them a timeless element. For my style, I wanted to balance out their vintage look, so I paired them with my favorite fall pieces to keep them on trend, but not looking like I walked out of an Urban Outfitters catalogue.

The black and the white of the Miz Mooz pair is kept preppy with a pinafore dress, turtleneck, knee-high socks and pea coat – all updated versions of old classics. The pinafore dress is a light wash chambray and the pea coat is navy, and a boyfriend shape , one of fall’s biggest shades. A berry lip completes the 90’s grungy, but girly vibe.

The retro mary-jane shape of the Fdiji spectator pump is perfect with some slouchy pants, a trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I want to wear these with my favorite sweater and button-up combo, and a hat that completes the look with a stylish edge.

Whether you actually find the shoe that completes your wardrobe, or stumble across a shoes that stumps you, enjoy the process!

Posted by Catie
MissMeer Bridgeport

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Kenneth Cole New York, Line Up
Fall is upon us, and so is back to school time! College football, exams, pumpkin pie and suede. Just a few of Autumn's finest offerings. And then there is all the plaid - tartan plaid to be exact. There's something so nostalgic about the rich hues of tartan plaid, delivering a classic sophistication to the everyday casual. Cozy plaids are no longer reserved for your boyfriend's favorite camping shirt. They're New York City and walking under trees like bursts of gold and red fireworks. Strolling through a park wrapped in a wool scarf and long peacoat. Sipping hot chocolate while hustling around campus. 

For this favorite season I go to Kenneth Cole New York to deliver the ultimate heel for my perfect back to school outfit. The Line Up  is an emerald green suede with exotic snake detail, topped off with the current Fall trend, a pointed toe. I'll compliment its classic autumn color with a little burgundy – how about a leather pencil skirt? And for that aforementioned plaid,  I chose a silk blouse to update the look and add a little chic - gorgeous. Grab a chunky watch, and I'm ready to go! Thanks, Kenneth Cole. Your shoes never cease to amaze, and the Line Up is exactly what I needed to complete my back to school look.

Posted By Kim
MissMeers Corvallis

Thursday, October 17, 2013


If someone asked me to total how many hours I have spent talking about Frye boots, or dreaming about Frye boots, in the last four years I've worked at Miss Meers, I might be too embarrassed to admit just how many. I know, however, that I am not alone. And this is my ode to all of you ladies who lust after and visit the store frequently to see your favorite Frye boot, but have yet to make the investment.

If you are a regular customer, you understand our sisterhood of Frye allegiance at Miss Meers. Since the day I started working at the store in August 2009, I was enthralled by our year round, timeless classic, the Frye 15R Harness in distressed chocolate vintage leather (you may know exactly what boot I am talking about if you have been shopping with us for a while). Not only did the tried and true standard of bench-crafted quality capture my love and attention, but each pair looks completely different with every box you open. Some of them are darker, lighter, more green, more purple, more gray, more black, more tarnished, less smooth, more smooth... the list goes on with the individuality of each boot. With the passing of every year, I have kept my eye on this little beauty, but it was a forbidden love: expensive & rustic. A square-toe style which I had never experienced before, I hesitated every year; could I make this kind of commitment to boots that would be with me for the rest of my life? And I never did it. I just stared at them longingly with every passing hour, of every shift, for four years.

This August, as I was opening the new arrival of 15Rs for fall (it still sells out every year!), I noticed a pair of size 8s with the perfectly darkened toe box and scaling leather detail. All of a sudden, it was like, I just knew. The time had come, and I was ready to make the commitment: through party and long walks, through dirt, mud and city sidewalks, I was going to be with this pair of boots forever. They have already crossed half the globe with me, through the airport and into early fall rainy days. Now, as I sit in a coffee shop in Southern Switzerland watching the waves on Lake Lugano during an overcast day, my feet feel at peace tucked away in their beloved boots, finally.

This year, may you also commit to the Frye boots that will forever make you happy.

Posted By Val
MissMeers via Switzerland

Monday, October 7, 2013


Just like you, the black ankle boot is impossibly dynamic; it can be lady-like by day, and edgy and mysterious by night. It can appear bossy and tough at times, despite what's going on inside, or intimidate with its sophistication, exposing its bold spirit. Like women, it has the foresight to simplify the complicated, highlight surprising elements to the obvious, and looks pulled together when things feel messy. No matter your age, lifestyle, or clothing style, the black ankle boot is a dependable staple that completes any wardrobe.

Here are my favorites, with outfits to boot!

Sam Edelman Maddox, $140.00. This boot is a more refined version of its contemporaries. Its smooth finish and smaller heel keep it dressier, while the pointed toe and elegant strap give it the edge that black ankle boots supply. A denim pencil skirt with a silk plaid blouse and your favorite leather jacket is an effortlessly cool look for fall.

Frye Smith harness, $298.00. This tough, distressed booty clearly has some masculine elements in the harness and the square toe, but is anything but. It's wider shaft keeps the leg looking slim, and the fitted ankle gives it a feminine balance. Try it with your favorite boyfriend jeans and this FW13's most adorable trend, boldly girly pink.

Frye Pippa Chelsea, $288.00. Simple, classic, and comfortable. You will find yourself throwing this one on everyday as it completes every look with the perfect amount of edge, sophistication and classic elements. Besides your jeans and coats, try it with a flared skirt and a graphic sweater or tee, a trendy look that has echoes of iconic school uniforms that finds itself turning up in a new way every decade.

Posted By Catie
MissMeers Eugene

Friday, August 30, 2013


In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had several customers stop in saying they were on the hunt for what they call a “big girl” shoe. Essentially all this means is a shoe that can be worn in a professional environment.

I’ve noticed that this idea of a professional shoe often gets drowned in color schemes of grey, black, or brown. For whatever reason, when looking for that “office appropriate shoe” my customers seem to be innately drawn to the basic black flat or wedge. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but,  who says that dressing professionally has to be boring?

Jessica Simpson "Claudette"
I think adding color to traditional work clothes is important for 3 key reasons:
  1. Adding color makes you stand out and makes you more memorable.
  2. Going to work is not the same thing as going to a funeral. (I realize some may beg to differ)
  3.  Incorporating a bold color, especially in a shoe, draws the eye downward, and gives the impression of a long, slender figure.
The new Jessica Simpson Claudette pump in candy-apple red adds the perfect amount of sassiness to office wear. Its pointed toe, and d’orsey cutout is classic, but chic at the same time.  Pointy-toed shoes not your thing? Kenneth Cole Reaction makes wonderful round-toed heels, and our new Joni Lee in the richest, prettiest plum,  would look great this year’s top office wear trend, a leather (fake or real)  pencil skirt.

I say add some color to your professional wear-- I have a hunch you'll be back for more. 

Posted by Anisia
MissMeers Corvallis

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I know there have been many pointed-toe pumps blogged about before it is SUCH a sublimely classic silhouette – I just couldn't help myself and had to blog about this one.

This past week we received an awe inspiring new twist on the classic. Unlike the metal cap toe and studded beauties that have been passing through trendy magazines recently, the Charles David Panacea pump is different, and stopped me at first sight. The cutting edge style is a never before seen combo of natural leather cap toe, dark olive embossed leather, and blush suede heel. 

Charles by Charles David "Panacea"
The colors are neutral enough to work with your favorite business attire, and at the same time ignite a refreshed feeling to an old outfit. At the same time,  the adorable maryjane strap can help your cropped boyfriend jean look like a new stylish irony.  Not to mention, if you have ever been afraid of toe cleavage, this shoe will change your mind (it definitely did for me!). Long toes or not, the little peek of toes showing at the front of the pump was intentionally made to look perfect with the cut of the vamp.

With a 3-inch heel, this little babe was cut out for all day wear. It is an impeccably simple way to take your look up a notch!

Posted by Val
MissMeers Bridgeport

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Jeffrey Campbell,  Darling
Last week the Jeffrey Campbell Darling pump came in. Five inches of perfected silver stiletto, topped off with the most precisely pointed toe. I mean seriously, this shoe is to die for. What more could a girl ask for?

So there I was, slowly unwrapping the tissue, piece by piece. Care tantamount to the handling of fine china. I place the silver beauties on my feet, one by one. Cinderella would be green with envy.

I stand up, strut to the mirror, and I. Look. Good.

Pregnant Kim, rocking
her silver stilettos. 
But then... with a slight turn to the side, I catch a glimpse of my huge, nine month pregnant tummy, and before I know it am quickly ushering myself (my husband calls it “waddling;” I have no idea what he’s talking about) back to the safety of the leopard bench. And then a harsh reality sets in. This gorgeous shoe and me will probably have to postpone our heated romance for a while. I’m a heel girl, yes, but I’m no Kim Kardashian.

And that’s OK! This story’s ending remains a happy one. I am still enjoying my fabulous Frye platforms, my Swedish Hasbeens heeled sandals, and even Jeffrey put out a few mid heels this season, just for pregnant me. Because, you see, it’s not the height of the heel that’s important. It’s all about how a shoe makes you feel (especially when living in a distant version of the body you’re used to). With a little shoe-love-chemical-attraction (and maybe just the simple knowledge that you won’t be falling flat on your face) you can still strut your stuff in super cute low to mid heels -- and feel like a million bucks at nine months pregnant. The five inchers will wait for me, and there are plenty of shoes to enjoy in the meantime.

Posted by Grace
MissMeers Bridgeport

We all remember the skirt,
but did you notice those HEELS?!
Shoe you actually wear when pregnant.
Still super cute, and then mom friendly for after!
Swedish Hasbeens, Peep Toe Super High
Frye, Regina Flat
Sam Edelman, Lucca

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Frye Pippa Chelsea
Every year I eagerly anticipate the fall season at Miss Meers (probably even more than the holiday season!) because of the overwhelming smell of leather and bench-crafted quality that comes in the little eggshell colored boxes with the word FRYE written all over them. Boots like the classic harness style never get boring to look at especially with the unique-one-of-a-kind colored leather, I ask you, how can you resist?

I’m especially excited about a couple new items we received in this recent shipment. The Pippa Chelsea boot is a chic take on the classic ankle bootie with just the right amount of careful detail to let you know it's superior in both quality and style. It has a classic riding boot foot shape, and a single ear in the back, then it's finished with a Frye button. Not only can this boot do day to day jeans, but it also would look amazing with a fierce batwing sweater & ballerina bun.
Frye Regina Pump

The second one, the Frye Regina Pump in burnt red made my jaw drop! This is not just the insanely comfortable, totally perfect glove fit, leather lined, mid-heel Regina pump we have had before— indeed, it’s that, in a NEW fresh color that has a rich and sultry look, inevitably taking your style above and beyond chic. The deep red color peeks out beneath a darker stain of charcoal black—just screaming of true vintage which means it will increase in worth with each wearing. I can’t wait to wear mine with new white skinnies and a chiffon button up!

Posted by Val
MissMeers Bridgeport

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Dolce Vita Giya in red suede
I think the Rolling Stones got it wrong all those years ago when they wanted to paint everything black—because, really, everything should be painted RED. What I mean is that one shouldn’t assume that a black shoe will best compliment a black dress, bright colored pants, or chic blazer. Red is one of the most classic of shoe colors; every woman should own at least one; if not several for different occasions. Why? Because the famous phrase “paint the town red” started with the idea that extreme fun and enjoyment was inevitably going to be had when you had this color on. (Louboutin DID make it his signature sole color!). Red symbolizes love, lavishness, and in many cultures, true happiness—it comes in millions of shades, whether you love muted pastels or feel like delving into the crimson dark side.

I believe that the most perfect red shade is found in our new Dolce Vita Giya. This guy is not even a little purple, pink or orange tinted—this is true RED pigment. This modern pointed-toe smoking loafer made its debut a few seasons ago, however, this one goes beyond chic. Take it with you to a job interview for a boost of confidence, or throw it on with a pair of dark skinny jeans during the day to give your outfit a fresh breath of sophistication. Simply put, you will look classy no matter what you do with it.

Posted by Val
MissMeers Bridgeport

Friday, July 12, 2013


How many times have we gone out shopping just to find the “perfect shoe,” but have no idea what that looks like? Seriously though, who hasn’t felt that “I’ll know it when I see it” kind of thing? 

I know, sometimes it never happens. BUT, it happened to me - the day I found my Swedish Hasbeens. If you haven’t heard of the company yet, these darlings are all hand made in Sweden; they have one piece of carved lime tree for the sole and a classic nailed leather upper. The truth is there really is one out there for every woman. Whether your style is edgy, chic or simple—casual or formal, really— you can’t go wrong, the different signature styles come in up to four different heights, taking you from every day chic to extra sexy nights on the town. They are one of the “tried and true” 8-hour-shift- and- then- summer- cocktail- party kind of shoes. (done by yours truly) 

I have been on the “perfect shoe” mission for over a year now, and until I found the Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe in black, my heart could not be tamed. I waited and waited for the box to arrive, and let me tell you—I haven’t spent a day without them in over two weeks. Breaking them in was a piece of cake! I’ve worn them with fishnets, Capri pants, and shorts; and together, we’ve gone to pub crawls and grocery stores. 

I’m sure some of you have been waiting for this kind of shoe too—tailor it to your style and have a handcrafted classic for all time.

Posted by Val
MissMeers Bridgeport

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Color-blocking is a big trend these days. When I say big, I mean bright, noticeable and dare you do it… neon. The trend goes beyond young a-line skirts and bandeaus; color-blocking can add total sophistication at any age when done correctly. You could argue that it is being taken to an entirely new level with nail polish, eye shadows and flashy accessories like belts and costume jewelry. The way to make it work: take several vibrant colors (be careful with more than three) from opposite, analogous (next to each other), or monochromatic (different shades) colors from the color wheel. As a general rule, limit the patterns in the outfit (but don’t be afraid to take it up a notch with a simple geometric pattern if you wish).

You say it’s just not your thing? If you have hesitancy because you aren’t sure if you can “pull it off,” let me give you a tip: try it with the shoes. Not only do eye-catching shoes bring you a reign of compliments and fashion envy, but they can change almost any pair of jeans into an ensemble, especially when blocked with your favorite color chiffon blouse. Still not sure about color-blocking with the shoes? Attention on your feet is a way to create a flattering outfit that takes your eye downward, elongating the body shape. You won’t look like everyone else in varied neutrals—instead, you will look refreshed, fit, and very postmodern. Try it with one of our new favorites: the Jeffrey Campbell In-Love.

Posted By Val
MissMeers Bridgeport

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Tkees Foundation in Sunkissed
My mission to find the perfect flip flop was a lengthy one. I required something just dressed up enough to go with my dark denim and a silk tank while weekending in Bend, yet basic enough to throw on with my Pilates gear. Usually these two very different looks require two very different shoe selections. Thank goodness for Carly and Jesse Burnett, shoe designer - mind readers! The married couple who created Tkees (t-keys) sought to create something that "disappeared" on the foot. Inspired by the myriad of colors in cosmetic palettes, they injected the philosophy of subtly highlighting as opposed to completely covering into their simple thong sandal collection, dividing them into categories such as Foundations, Creams, Liners, Glosses and more.
Jennifer Aniston wears the Foundation sandal

The result? My perfect leather flip flop. Beware imitations - you might find a nude leather flip flop, but what I have come to love about my Tkees goes beyond just the look. Not only do they wear well (I tested them vigorously last summer on the beaches of the Puget Sound - saltwater AND barnacles); but they also have a slightly widened footbed, and the thin strap goes back just far enough to stay comfortably on your foot (ever try running through the airport in flip flops? Well, you can in these), without being overly tight. Perfect.

Oh. Did I mention that like, EVERY celeb has a pair? Just saying.

Posted By Grace
MissMeers Bridgeport

Angelina Jolie in Gloss collection, black licorice
Ashlee Simpson in her bronze Highlighters

Saturday, June 22, 2013


The fashion world is going back in time with all the postmodern vintage looks that inspire us to turn classic into trendy (take a brand like Seychelles for example) and old favorites (Swedish Hasbeens or Saltwater sandals) into current phenomenon. 

 However, prints are a hard thing to keep in style or bring back from the dead. Some of the only patterns that have stood the test of time include textile prints, commonly hand woven or carefully crafted. From the current day Berbers who hand weave carpets in North Africa to the Aztec ancients—these patterned zigzags and stripes have stood the test of time in looking both modern and classic. Brands such as Pendleton and Missoni show how amazingly versatile these textile prints can be from uber casual to uber sophisticated.

Shoe brands like Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman, All Black and Doc Martens add details inspired by these classic prints to showcase their timeless qualities. Jeffrey Campbell, one of our favorite shoe brands, created the amazing Bijou sandal reminiscent of the Missoni classic print. One of our favorite bag companies, Will Leather Goods, created a stunning collection of Oaxacan handbags that use vegetable and natural dyes to create vibrancy in the one of a kind, hand woven Zapotec rugs featured on their incredible leather make. 

Owning a shoe or bag with a classic textile print is a must in order to have a holistic collection of oh-so-beautiful everlasting things. Our current favorites are: the Jeffrey Campbell Bijou sandal: perfect to thrown on with cropped skinnies or our Will Oaxacan crossbody or Indian silk rag rug bag: perfect to throw over your shoulder during any season.

Posted by Val
MissMeers Bridgeport

Friday, June 14, 2013


One of my favorite quotes from customers is the occasional “it’s dangerous in here!”

Usually the phrase refers to the overwhelming number of just perfect shoes that we cannot live without (AND unfortunately for our wallet’s survival we must restrain ourselves). However, in recent trends, the meaning of "dangerous" has been taken to a whole new level. An uncanny appearance of fierce and daring materials are being used on flats, boots, sandals and stilettos alike; spikes, studs, and snakeskin have become an official shoe language.

One of my favorite ways to wear this style is to take an ordinary summer dress and make an extreme statement with the by pairing it with something like the Jeffrey Campbell Puffer sandal. The touch of gold spikes is the perfect level of danger and mystère, attracting the eye and alerting others of your keen trend senses. I also love the irony of wearing something like the Report Winnie with a pair of baby pink leggings and a fur top; the combination creates a look of serious finesse.

The dangerous details are a perfect accessory for a look that has superior fashion intimidation. 

Posted by Val
MissMeers Bridgeport

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Frye Samantha Disk
I adore this shoe. I adore the color, the studs, the heel, the leather, and the way that it effortlessly transforms even the simplest outfit into something special. 

Yesterday I wore it out of the house with skinny jeans, a white sweater tank and a tan blazer at 6AM, met with a possible new sales associate, worked on the sales floor, walked around the mall (and tried the perfect dress on with them, must go back!), hosted a staff meeting, grabbed groceries, and walked in the door with happy feet at 8PM. Happy feet! 

So, whether you are a mom that needs a pick me up, a professional that needs a little edge, or a globe trotter embarking on your next adventure to walk the Champs Elyse, this is your shoe.  Pair it with skinny jeans, a white tee and a scarf, wide leg trousers, a boho cream dress, a romper, or a spring pencil skirt, honestly the possibilities are endless. You'll be comfortable, and confident. And for $298, you better be, right?

Posted By Meera
MissMeers Eugene

Friday, May 31, 2013


Sixty Seven Jamie
I will be the first to admit that I have quite the shoe addiction. I take my shoe buying extremely serious and each season I find a new excuse to add a little bit of pizzazz into my wardrobe with my favorite new shoe trend.  And let me tell you, this summer has me beyond excited. The Sixty Seven Jaime is absolutely stunning! I didn’t think it was possible to love a flat so much. The ladylike pointed toe and eye grabbing ankle strap will undoubtedly result in lingering looks and shoe envy by every woman who crosses your path. This darling flat not only looks great with your go to skinny jeans but can be dressed up easily with a flowy skirt or summer dress. This neutral suede flat with a touch of studs is the perfect addition to any warm weather ensemble and is sure to complete your summer look.

Posted by Julia
MissMeer Eugene

Friday, April 12, 2013


Splendid Nickerie, Dolce Vita Orina & Naya Trite
Lace up flats. I'm just loving them! Not only do they add a little prep to your look, they are totally comfy. Not too-too flat (the way ballet flats can be), and if you have no arch like me, you can cinch 'em tight for some added support. 

I've been dreaming of pairing them with my trusty boyfriend jeans and a flowy top, stacks of bracelets and a long necklace. For days when I'm feeling a little more serious, skinny jeans with a blazer and graphic tee. 

And let's be honest. There will be those days when your pedi is chipped, or you are walking around the city and can't fathom the street-blackened flip flop foot this summer. These cuties keep you covered up, cute and comfy. You can even sneak in a little no-show sock for, ahem, absorption... on those extra warm days. Fabulous, right?!

Posted by Grace
MissMeers Bridgeport

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Recently, we had the opportunity to design our very own shoe. That's right. A Miss Meers exclusive. And with one of our absolute favorite brands, no less!

All Black, whom we've all come to love and expect fabulousness from, helped us to create the Miss Meers pump, perfected to our every specification. 

It had to be special, of course, and neutral, and timeless. So we picked our favorite All Black leather: the fish. We chose a golden hue to compliment every skin tone, dress up any denim, complete any outfit (can't you just image it with that hard to match, geometric print top? the red dress you never have the right color for? a vintage lace wedding gown?). Its wood stacked heel has just enough height to pop your calf muscles. It's a single sole, which is classic and on-trend all wrapped up in one, but we added extra padding (yep, extra padding under the heel and the ball of your foot) to make up for not having a platform, and it's lined in the softest leather. Because comfort is just as important as style when it comes to your favorite shoe. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Posted By Grace
MissMeers Bridgeport

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I have been searching for the perfect nude pump for a long time. I adore the look of the pointed toe, matte leather heels that we're seeing on fashion leaders like Sienna Miller, Rihanna and street style bloggers. But everything I found was either the wrong color tone or wrong toe shape, or it had a platform.

Charles by Charles David Pact
Finally, I came across the Charles David Pact: the impossible to find, celebrity celebrated, single sole, nude pump. It's the perfect combo of pointed toe and feminine shape with the soft leather that I had been dreaming of. Not to mention the foot-bed is padded and surprisingly easy to walk in for its gorgeous four inch height.

The Pact is such a versatile and classic pump, I have yet to find an outfit it doesn't instantly complete, and effortlessly complement. But to recommend a few looks, I love it with both pastel trousers and dresses, or dressed down with ripped jeans and an over-sized blazer. You can't go wrong with this one.

Posted By Hannah
MissMeers Corvallis