Friday, April 12, 2013


Splendid Nickerie, Dolce Vita Orina & Naya Trite
Lace up flats. I'm just loving them! Not only do they add a little prep to your look, they are totally comfy. Not too-too flat (the way ballet flats can be), and if you have no arch like me, you can cinch 'em tight for some added support. 

I've been dreaming of pairing them with my trusty boyfriend jeans and a flowy top, stacks of bracelets and a long necklace. For days when I'm feeling a little more serious, skinny jeans with a blazer and graphic tee. 

And let's be honest. There will be those days when your pedi is chipped, or you are walking around the city and can't fathom the street-blackened flip flop foot this summer. These cuties keep you covered up, cute and comfy. You can even sneak in a little no-show sock for, ahem, absorption... on those extra warm days. Fabulous, right?!

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