Thursday, June 27, 2013


Tkees Foundation in Sunkissed
My mission to find the perfect flip flop was a lengthy one. I required something just dressed up enough to go with my dark denim and a silk tank while weekending in Bend, yet basic enough to throw on with my Pilates gear. Usually these two very different looks require two very different shoe selections. Thank goodness for Carly and Jesse Burnett, shoe designer - mind readers! The married couple who created Tkees (t-keys) sought to create something that "disappeared" on the foot. Inspired by the myriad of colors in cosmetic palettes, they injected the philosophy of subtly highlighting as opposed to completely covering into their simple thong sandal collection, dividing them into categories such as Foundations, Creams, Liners, Glosses and more.
Jennifer Aniston wears the Foundation sandal

The result? My perfect leather flip flop. Beware imitations - you might find a nude leather flip flop, but what I have come to love about my Tkees goes beyond just the look. Not only do they wear well (I tested them vigorously last summer on the beaches of the Puget Sound - saltwater AND barnacles); but they also have a slightly widened footbed, and the thin strap goes back just far enough to stay comfortably on your foot (ever try running through the airport in flip flops? Well, you can in these), without being overly tight. Perfect.

Oh. Did I mention that like, EVERY celeb has a pair? Just saying.

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Angelina Jolie in Gloss collection, black licorice
Ashlee Simpson in her bronze Highlighters

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