Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Posted by Sam
Miss Meers Bridgeport

It's official: Christmas is 10 days away! For some of you, that sentence doesn't scare you at all: right now, all your gifts are wrapped and under the tree, you are prepped and ready for every holiday event (down to the hostess gifts, no doubt) and you've even got a fresh batch of snicker doodles in the oven. You're just that good. But for just as many of you, that sentence brings on a wave of cold sweats and fear, and yet another reminder that you haven't even started Christmas shopping, let alone figured out what to wear to all of the holiday parties you have on your calendar in the next 2 weeks. This year has absolutely flown by, and it's no surprise that the holidays have crept up on a few of you. Not to worry though! We've got you covered from head to toe for every last get-together, shindig and cocktail party ahead of you. Now, with all this out of the way, you have time to focus on celebrating with your loved ones and for enjoying everything this holiday season has to offer you.

Outfit 1: 

All Black Footwear: 'Clean Dancing' in black. $135, all locations.

Perfect for: your best friend's annual cookie baking party!
Have a party with your girls coming up? Use that as an excuse to get all dressed up and festive! These black glitter flats are more practical for a night of dancing around your best friend's kitchen than a heel might be, and yet you don't lose any style points for them! Add a pop of color like a bright Christmas red, some quirky accessories and a fun holiday themed apron over the top and you are set for a night of holiday baking!

Outfit 2:

Calvin Klein 'Gayle Liquid Pump' in Grey. $99, BP/Corvallis.
French Connection 'Dark Angel' Blouse in black. $168, Eugene only.

Perfect for: your work Christmas party!
For your end of year wrap up, amp up the feminine factor while still keeping things classy and work appropriate. Whether you are brand new to the job, or you're the CEO- the little embellishments on this gorgeous blouse match perfectly with a lace midi skirt, and they are both sure to have you turning every head in the room.

Outfit 3:

All Black Footwear: 'New Fish Pump' in gold. $169, all locations.

Perfect for: a Christmas Eve dinner party!
What says Christmas better than plaid? Not much! Keep it festive with bright pops of green, jewels and of course, a gorgeous gold heel! You'll be comfortable and cozy, yet still glam enough to truly shine as the hostess should!

Outfit 4:

Vince Camuto 'Trumen' $139, BP & Eugene.

Perfect for: New Years Eve Cocktails! 
After the holidays wrap up, we can't forget the last big event of the year- New Years Eve! Keep your dress simple with a classic LBD-any style will do! Then make a big statement with a fun handbag, gold accessories and of course, an amazing pair of fringed heels! So simple, yet incredibly stylish--enough to make as big of a bang as the firework show!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Posted by Maxine and Sam
Miss Meers Bridgeport

While most of us haven't finished putting away all of our Halloween decorations, signs of the holidays are already beginning to pop up everywhere we go. Even though it seems like most stores are jumping right into Christmas carols and stringing lights on trees, we know you all haven't forgot about Thanksgiving! But with the holidays there comes a surplus in the need to impress family (a.k.a. the dreaded in-laws). Why not distract them with a breathtaking shoe? The secret to great winter party footwear is a classic style with one small variation to give it a unique touch that will put your shoes on everyone's minds. Here is my list of elegant booties, flats, and heels that can help you dance around all those nosy questions from extended family members throughout the holidays!

HEELS: While a holiday party heel should be simple, it should also be a little daring as well. That could mean a color that one wouldn't normally consider, or a heel with an extra twinkle to catch attention. Be bold!

1. All Black "Lace Ankle Princess"   2. Sam Edelman "Opal"   3. Jeffrey Campbell "Brea-Fab"
4. Vince Camuto "Rowin" 

FLATS: If your parties are going to involve a lot of standing around, you might want to consider a cute flat to spice up your outfit. For these times, go for metallics, or something with a little sparkle. A flat that could be confused as a causal shoe can deflate a lot of the style that your clothing brings to the table. Stay away from your old, worn out flats and bring out the fun, decorative styles you've been saving for this time of year!

1. All Black "Clean Dancing" 2. Jeffrey Campbell "Gaby Jewel" 3. French Sole "Mondo"
4. Kenneth Cole Reaction "Step Forward" 5. Sam Edelman "Rae"

BOOTIES: Booties might not be your first choice for the holidays, but you'd be surprised how stylish they can be with your favorite holiday outfits! Pairing any of these with tights and a dress could be exactly what you need to take your outfit from everyday fabulous to holiday ready.

1. Dolce Vita "Highlander" 2. Miz Mooz "Judy" 3. Miz Mooz "Cherita"
4. All Black "Suede Shawl"

No matter how you rock your party outfits this year, we hope your holiday season is a safe and jolly one!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Posted by Sam
Miss Meers Bridgeport

With Fall fully upon us now, the adjustment to cold weather attire has definitely hit the Northwest! Hopefully, you are full of fall outfitting inspiration and are giving new life to your briefly-forgotten favorite boots and sweaters. But just because you are rekindling your love for classics from seasons past doesn't mean there isn't room in your heart (or closet!) for a few brand new loves. One trend we've seen sprouting up everywhere lately- from the runway at Elie Saab, to the feet of countless street style fashionistas- is green footwear.

Just like this season's incredibly popular feminine-meets-military look, so many designers are taking a leaf, so to speak, out of nature's book and bringing gorgeous shades of ivy, olive and rusted green to their Fall releases. As good a neutral as any brown shoe you could find, green gives just that little bit of unique interest to take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. From dressy to functional, at Miss Meers, we've got you covered in all styles and shades- guaranteed to make everyone you meet absolutely green with envy. 

BOOTIES AND PURSES: Green booties? Sign us up! They are the perfect combination of two of this Fall's biggest trends, and with so many gorgeous styles to choose from, you can't go wrong. While you're at it, why not add another pop of color to your outfit with a green cross body bag?

1. Frye "Renee Seam Short" 2. Miz Mooz "Roselle" 3. Matisse "Galveston" 
4. Matt & Nat "Blinkin Citrus" 5. Latico "Jamie Crunch Olive" 

ALL WEATHER & DRESSY SHOES: If booties aren't for you, you definitely aren't out of options! For the times you need to buckle down and get some yard work done, or if you simply want to stay dry amidst this heavy Oregon rain-you can still be just as fashion forward as you are comfortable and dry! And when it's time to kick up your heels or go out for a casual day of errands, you can bet there's a green shoe for those times, too.

1. Hunter "Adjustable Gloss"  2. Seychelles "Harp" 3. Sperry "Saltwater" 
4. Jeffrey Campbell "Vionnet"

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Posted by Sam & Carly
Miss Meers Bridgeport

Fall is officially alive and well here in Oregon! While we're likely to have one or two golden days of sunshine left, it's only a matter of time before those gorgeous cloudy skies settle in for good. This time of year calls for a huge shift in seasonal outfitting- which, for us shoe lovers, means all new trends to fall in love with!

This years most popular style? The bootie. These beauties are popping up everywhere, and hopefully will never go out of style. Yet, despite their popularity, here at Miss Meers we still get quite a few questions about them. "What could I wear them with?"/"What about when the seasons change?" /"Are these too young for me?" are the ones that come up the most often. So, I thought what better way to help all you ladies out with your outfitting questions than to give you a few examples of just how versatile this amazing style can be?

When it comes to outfitting a bootie, the possibilities are endless. Classically, you can't go past teaming them with a pair of skinny jeans, cuffed just above the top of the boot. For a more polished look, style them with a cigarette pant that finishes just at the ankle. Or, to make them a little more feminine, pair them with your favorite dress or skirt combination. Any length looks absolutely darling, and when the weather gets colder, just throw a pair of warm tights underneath. As for next year when the weather starts to heat back up again, this style lends itself so nicely to shorter skirts and rompers, light layers & classic denim styles. Regardless of what age you are, there's an outfit combination that can make this style work for you. To give you some inspiration, here are a few of our favorite booties from our shelves at Miss Meers and ways to wear them no matter what season of life you're in.

1. Jeffrey Campbell "Oriley"

2. Matisse "Galveston"

3. Frye "Sacha Moto"

4. Dolce Vita "Juneau"

Hopefully this gives you all kinds of inspiration for how to outfit your own pair of booties! No matter how you wear them, booties are a guarantee that you'll always be stepping out in style. Got a pair of your own from one of our stores? Show us how you outfit them! We'd love to see your take on things. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Posted by Sam
Miss Meers Bridgeport 

Every year as Summer starts to wind down, I find myself pretending Fall has arrived just a little earlier than your average person might. The forecast might say overcast and 75, but it's not going to stop me from wearing sweaters and scarves and ignoring every reminder that we still have a few weeks of Summer left. The way I see it, if I embrace the seasons change early, maybe it'll convince the colder weather to come around faster. That's my theory, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

One of my favorite parts about dressing for Fall and Winter is getting to wear boots all day, every day. While I definitely live in my booties year round, there's something just a little bit more satisfying about slipping them on over thick woolen socks and layering on a coat and scarf before heading out for the day. My life is so at peace when I have a good boot on. Nothing gives me a confidence boost quite like a brand new pair, and maybe you've had the same feeling.

I think the style of boot we gravitate towards says a lot about who we are as people, too. I am a life-long boot monogamist and can't imagine a future where I don't wear an ankle boot practically every day. I love and admire other styles, but when I bring them home, I can't help feel a little guilty to not be wearing my booties! So, for this post, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of our newest styles and to see what your favorite pair says about you!

ANKLE BOOTIE: These boots are the perfect combination of sophisticated, flirty and put together- just like you are! You have your finger on the pulse, but are also a fan of classics, which means you know how to pick a trend that won't fade into obscurity. You like to be a little edgy, but always manage to keep your style ultra feminine. You're definitely the most likely to be wearing something that makes a statement, but you know how to make even the boldest of statements seem effortless. You can bet no matter what you pair them with, you'll have heads turning to look at your shoes every time you step out.

1. Splendid "Addie" 2. Corso Como "Dynamite" 3. Jessica Simpson "Delaine" 4. Chocolat Blu "Horizon" 

MID CALF: This style speaks to everyone. Perhaps you're the up-and-coming gal in your 20s looking for something a little less casual than a knee high, but not too dressy to stop you throwing them on over your favorite pair of jeans. Or, maybe you're the woman in her 50s who wants to bring a little more fun to her wardrobe without committing to a super short bootie. Whatever your story is, you like things a little unique, but you can never go past something that's versatile and practical. The midi boot is the perfect fit for you.

1.  Eric Michael "Carlotta" 2. Fly London "Lask" 3. Frye "Veronica Short" 

KNEE HIGH: The tried and true classic boot. You know what you like and you stick to it. But just because you prefer things that are tried and true doesn't mean your style is anything but exceptional. You're choosy when it comes to your staples! It's probably the reason why your style will always stand the test of time and remain ever so classy and chic. For when you want to elevate your style or keep things simple and sleek, you are never short on options at Miss Meers.

1. Sam Edelman "Foster" 2. Frye "Molly Gore Tall" 3. Matisse "Tawny".

FLAT VS. HEELED: Boot style aside, the other great personality reflector is what kind of heel height you gravitate towards. For those of you who are drawn to heels, you like things that are a little classy. You're confident in yourself and you know how to have fun when it comes to your style and your day to day life! Even in the Winter, you keep things flirty and dramatic, all while staying effortlessly cool. If you find yourself constantly in flats, it doesn't mean you don't know how to dress things up! You know how to be practical, yet still stylish enough to take an outfit to the next level. You're always ready for anything and your choice of shoe reflects that. And when you pair your favorite boots with your most flattering pair of jeans, who says you can't be sexy, too?

1. Sam Edelman "Fairfield"  2. Frye "Patty Artisan Zip"  3. Miz Mooz "Roselle"
4. Sam Edelman "Mackay"  5. Miz Mooz "Luna"  6. Frye "Erin Workboot" 

Whatever kind of boot you find yourself in this year, or however many of these categories you fit into, one thing is for sure: you have a knack for style. Now that's one thing that won't change with the seasons.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Posted by Carly
Miss Meers Bridgeport

After over a year at the Eugene store and one amazing Summer helping the women of Portland find shoes at our Bridgeport location, my time at Miss Meers is coming to an end.

As I pull myself together and prepare to say my goodbyes, I have one last decision to make: what will be my last pair of Miss Meers shoes?

Okay, I realize it obviously won't be my last pair. There is no WAY I'm staying away from this place forever. But there is something special about that last pair as an employee (besides just the discount). It's the shoe that more than any other will remind me of the good times I spent here,

(the ladies of Miss Meers at our work Christmas party)

One comment I must have heard once a week since I've worked here is "I don't know how you even go home with a paycheck". While its true there have been some days I've taken my paycheck home in a shoe box, when you're around so many beautiful shoes every day it gets a lot harder to decide which ones are actually you.

I have always struggled with deciding between two things: Do I want the high quality basic shoe what will become a staple of my wardrobe, or do I want the crazy fun shoes I won't be able to find anywhere else?

Lately I've been noticing that I'm not the only shoe lover with this problem. All the time I have customers who fall in love with a shoe and then decide its just not practical enough, or they love a shoe and decide its too boring and they want something more special. How do you find a balance!?

So here I am, faced with a decision. Do I make my last shoe a wild fun one a classic plain one?


Kenneth Cole Reaction "Frida World"

Open toed suede booties accented with a cascade of fringe? Yes please! This Kenneth Cole Reaction bootie is right up my alley. Perfect with skinny jeans or a fitted dress. 

Cute for a night out.... but maybe not the best shoe to make a good first impression in my new office. As hard as it is, I think I'm saying no the fringe today!


Sam Edelman "Dea"

Let me just start by saying that this shoe is INCREDIBLE. If anyone knows how to make a comfortable shoe its Sam Edelman, and the Dea is no exception. You can't go wrong with a basic pointed pump and this camel color is such a gorgeous neutral.

The Dea is definitely office appropriate, however... do I want my final Miss Meers shoe to be neutral?


Drum roll please....

The All Black Met Fish Cuts!

Maybe I'm a little wild and a little basic. Why not make my final shoe a pair that represents both sides of who I am?

The Met Fish Cuts is the perfect combination of everything I love in a shoe. It takes your traditional pointed flat and gives it a special twist with sharp angles and a totally unique fish scale texture. Perfect for work OR play.

Goodbye Miss Meers and thanks for all the memories!

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Posted by Carly
Miss Meers Bridgeport

Thanks to social media, models these days are more famous than ever. People everywhere are finding just as much inspiration from their fashion off the runway as they are from the designer digs they wear on the job.

Want to steal your favorite model's street style look? Today I'm making it easy for you! I picked out six pairs of brand new Miss Meers shoes I think these models (and you) would LOVE! Lets go!

Gigi Hadid: Jeffrey Campbell "Nuestra Bootie"

If you haven't heard Gigi Hadid's name before, you've definitely seen her! Gigi is killing the fashion game right now as the face of Maybelline, Topshop and Guess just to name a few. She's also made appearances on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (her mother is Yolanda Foster) and shown up on stage at Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour. With 5 MILLION followers on her Instagram (and counting), Gigi is definitely someone worth paying attention to. Capture her California girl look with the Jeffrey Campbell "Nuestra Bootie".

Joan Smalls: Vince Camuto "Corra"

Joan Smalls is basically the definition of personal style. Her off runway looks are always notable in the seemingly effortless way she combines feminine and edgy pieces while still looking elegant. You might recognize her from the last FOUR Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows or her recent Vogue cover. Joan was also the first ever Latina to model for Estée Lauder (she's from Puerto Rico!). The Vince Camuto "Corra" is the perfect combination of edgy and girly. Cute for work or play!

Cara Delevingne: Frye "Sacha Moto Shootie"

Cara (not Carla)  Delevingne is known for being unique. She bravely defies stereotypes and denies labels in an industry known for doing the opposite. While she's been seen dolled up on the runway for designers from Chanel to YSL, her street style is a little more edgy. I think Cara would feel right at home in the Frye "Sacha Moto Shootie", and so would you! 

Karlie Kloss: Sam Edelman "Felicia"

It should come as no surprise that Taylor Swift's BFF shares her love of classic style. This former Victoria's Secret Angel is seen more often in comfortable flats and tailored pants than platform sandals and wings these days as she takes a break from modeling to start school at NYU this Fall. The Sam Edelman "Felicia" flat is the perfect shoe for Karlie, or any woman on the go. The soft leather gives you all day comfort and the black is sophisticated enough to brave the NYC streets.

Fei Fei Sun: Jeffrey Campbell "Oriley"

Fei Fei Sun made history in 2014 as the first Asian model to appear on the cover of the American Vogue September issue. Now she makes history everyday with her amazing street style. As a former fashion design major herself, Fei Fei sun is often seen rocking unique and edgy looks. Try Fei Fei's edgy style for yourself with the Jeffrey Campbell "Oriley" bootie!

Kendall Jenner: Frye Dylan Slip

Kendall first came into the public eye on a little TV show you've probably never heard of called "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". Although Kim has always been the most well known of the Kardashian clan, little sister Kendall has become a star in her own right thanks to modeling campaigns with big name designers such as Calvin Klein and Balmain. She also currently holds the title for the most liked picture on Instagram. Want to steal her sleek reality star style? Try the Frye "Dylan Slip"!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Posted by Carly
Miss Meers Bridgeport

While Miss Meers will always be a shoe boutique at heart, you may have noticed that we carry a bit more than shoes in our stores. I'm not talking about the amazing selection of clothing at our Eugene location, I'm talking about bags!
Much like our shoes, we get new bags in seasonally from a few select brands that we stand by and ADORE. Get to know some of the brands sold in our stores, then stop by and see them for yourself! And keep in mind: Matching your shoes to your purse is not required!

Why we love them: Started as part of a dare to the designers to go vegan for a month, Matt & Nat has grown to become a huge international brand and a shining example of practicing what you preach. Not only are the bags vegan (that's right, no real leather folks), but many of the materials used are sustainable as well. Matt & Nat's motto is simply "live beautifully", which means "appreciating the humanity, creativity, and positivity found in all of us".

Where you can find them: All locations!

Fave styles:
Whilem, Alter, Blinkin (pictured from left to right).

Why we love them: Founded in Eugene, Oregon (like us!) in 1981, Will has kept its impeccable craftsmanship even after expanding to be distributed internationally, and even offers a lifetime guarantee on ALL of its products."Discover your Will" in our Bridgeport locaton!

Where you can find them: Wallets and bags in Bridgeport Village only.

Fave styles: Imogene Checkbook Clutch, Reversible Quilted Tote, Hazel Crossbody.

Why we love them: Functionality and versatility are at the core of Hammitt bags. The removable and adjustable straps make it is easy to take your bag from a clutch, to a crossbody, to everything in between. Many of them even feature reversible colors to coordinate with your outfit without switching bags. Not sold yet? All of Hammitt's bags come with a lifetime warranty, and they never discount to ensure that you are truly getting what you pay for.

Where you can find them: Eugene and Bridgeport Village (Eugene's selection is largest).

Fave styles: Andrew, Montana, Tony.

Why we love them: You are probably familiar with Frye because of the famous Frye boots. Frye has been perfecting the benchcrafting of boots since the 1860s. Frye bags show the same level of craftsmanship and care you have come to expect from the brand (and we think they're pretty cute).

Where you can find them: All locations!

Fave styles: Heidi Fringe, Melissa Hobo, Diana Stud Crossbody.

Why we love them: Designed "for women, by women" by a mother and daughter, Hobo is a true family business success story. Hobo bags are as stylish as they are practical, always keeping in mind that quality never goes out of style.

Where you can find them: Wallets in Eugene, bags in Eugene and Bridgeport!

Fave styles: Lauren wallet, Vale, Vida wristlet.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Posted by Carly
Miss Meers Bridgeport

Like everyone else in the world, I am currently a little (okay a lot) obsessed with Taylor Swift. Not only does she write catchy songs, speak out against sexism in the music industry, and have an amazing relationship with her fans, but she does it all in incredibly stylish footwear.

T-Swift has gone through a lot of different phases in her career. In the course of nine years and five albums we've seen her go from a country princess to a bonafide pop star. Any T-Swift fan has that one classic that they never get tired of hearing. What is that one song that you just can't help but sing a long with? Which one still makes you turn the volume up? Which music video have you watched so many times you're probably responsible for half the views on YouTube? Well think hard, cause I'm about to tell you which pair of Miss Meers shoes you need in your closet based on your favorite classic Taylor Swift song!

"Teardrops on My Guitar" from Taylor Swift - Frye "Reina" Bootie

A country music lover to the core, you like your romantic ballads with a little bit of twang. The Reina bootie is a little country and a little bit feminine. I think Tay would approve!

"Love Story" from Fearless - Same Edelman "Augusta"

You are a princess and you don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You still believe in fairytales, whether you've already found your prince or not. The Sam Edelman "Augusta" flat is perfect for the everyday princess. The scallop detail and metallic shimmer are classy and elegant, just like you.

"Mine" from Speak Now - Sperry "Bluefish"

You've outgrown the princess fantasy, but you still believe in forever love. "Mine" follows Taylor through a fictional relationship from them first locking eyes to marriage and babies. You want a shoe as comfortable and reliable as a life partner. The Sperry "Bluefish" is perfect for chasing after the kiddos, or chasing a cute guy!

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" from Red - Miz Mooz "Roman"

You are fiercely independent and march to the beat of your own drum. When you tell someone that you are never ever getting back together (like ever), you mean it. The Miz Mooz "Roman" is as unique as you are with its asymmetrical design and bright pop of color. And did I mention its comfortable? You're not trying to impress anyone with some sky high heels.

"Shake it Off" from 1989 - Seychelles "Would I Lie"

As far as you're concerned music is for one thing: dancing. When you hear "Shake it Off" you can't help but to do just that: Shake it. The Seychelles "Would I Lie" is basically designed for dancing. You get all the comfort of a flat but the metallic delicate straps make it dressy. This shoe is available exclusively at Bridgeport. Get it while you can!

"Bad Blood" from 1989 - Chocolat Blu "Cortez"

You and your friend group basically define squad goals. You always stand up for each other, especially if one of you gets betrayed.  Perfect for stomping over the haters, the "Cortez" takes the classic wedge to edgy new places with an all black matte finish. Band-aids may not fix bullet holes, but a cute pair of shoes can fix pretty much any other problem!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Posted by Carly
Miss Meers Bridgeport

Memorial Day has come and gone, and there is no denying that Summer is finally upon us. As you pack away your Fall sweaters and pull out that box full of tank tops and sun dresses that you've been saving (we all have one), you might find that your old go to favorites are a little out of style. You don't need to buy a whole new warm weather wardrobe to look current. Try adding just a few trendy pieces to update your old staples and finish off the look with the perfect Summer footwear. Need a little inspiration? Here are a few of my favorite trends for this Summer, and the Miss Meers shoes I want to wear them with!


Yes, you heard me right. Whether you loved them or hated them, culottes are back this season in full force. We're trading in our seventies denim for something a little sleeker like this rayon pair from Splendid. Wear them with a basic tank top and some ankle strap sandals and you've officially taken this trend into the 21st century.  Here I put them with the Jeffrey Campbell "Hough" and some sassy sunglasses.


The kimono trend is one of my favorites this season, because it is so easy to adopt. Throw one over a plain top and pull on your favorite jeans and you instantly look stylish. The Swedish Hasbeens "Tudy Fruity" is the perfect way to complete this sweet and funky outfit.

Wide Leg Jeans

Put away your skinny jeans, this Spring it is all about the flares. If you're anything like me, you've gotten attached to your skinny jeans. Take my word for it, you need to give flared jeans a chance. Want your legs to look miles long and your waist to look smaller? You might want to give your skinnies a break for a while. Add a platform like the Splendid "Grand" for even more leg lengthening magic, and a Matt and Nat bag in a Spring friendly color. 


How can you not love a trend that is as comfortable as it is cute? Sneakers aren't just for the gym anymore. They can add a sporty vibe to your everyday wardrobe. I love the Lacoste "Helene" to add that perfect pop of color. Pair with black jeans, a graphic tee, and some sunglasses.

Monday, May 11, 2015


Posted by Carly
Miss Meers Bridgeport

The first time I ever came into a Miss Meers was with my best friend to help her pick out a pair of shoes for her wedding day. Now as an employee, I have helped countless brides find that perfect pair to walk down the aisle in. Summer is wedding season in Oregon (because it is the only time of year you can ALMOST count on it not to rain) so now is the perfect time to start looking for that perfect shoe for your dream wedding!

Every bride has her own unique bridal style. The trick to picking out the perfect wedding shoe is finding something that isn't just pretty, but that fits into your whole wedding vision. Not engaged? Me neither. Just play pretend! Here are some of my favorite summer wedding shoes, and I included the rings I would wear them with because who can resist a little sparkle?

The Vintage Bride - Seychelles "Quiz Show"
Is your favorite book The Great Gatsby? Do you often find yourself wearing long strands of pearls and swing dancing? This is definitely the shoe for you. The low heel and t-strap give it a little vintage flare and the rose gold keeps it dressy. It would look PERFECT with this vintage engagement ring on your finger and a birdcage veil.

The Beach Bride - Tkees Highlighters
You live in a bikini and feel as if you belong in the water. You didn't wear high heels to your senior prom, so why start now? Tkees are dressier than your average flip flop, and the silver on this pair will sparkle beautifully in the sunset. An engagement ring with a pop of blue will make you stand out, and coordinate with the ocean!

The "Bling" Bride - Jeffrey Campbell "Gaby Jewell"
Who says glitter isn't a color? A bling bride is all about one thing: sparkle. If this giant ring isn't enough for you, complete your bridal look with the Jeffrey Campbell Gaby Jewell. This shoe could only be more bedazzled if you dipped it in glue and rolled it in glitter.

The Nontraditional Bride - Dolce Vita "Henlie"
Who says a bride has to wear white on her wedding day? Its your day. Don't be afraid to be yourself. This Dolce Vita is perfect for the edgy bride who wants to dress up but not look too traditional. Oh, but being nontraditional doesn't mean you don't get a diamond. How gorgeous is this black ring?

The Shabby Chic Bride - All Black "Fish Pump"
The Shabby Chic bride, (also known as the "Pinterest" bride) loves to DIY and is looking for that perfect balance of polished feminine pieces and vintage distressed details for her day. At her wedding, you'll find as many mason jars as flowers, and all the lace will be contrasted by burlap. No shoe says shabby chic to me like the All Black "Fish Pump". It has a classically feminine shape, but the fish scale treatment of the leather makes it completely unique. Oh, and ivory will look beautiful with the blush pink on this ring!

BONUS: The Maid of Honor - Seychelles "Like You Mean It"
Don't forget that your bridal party needs cute footwear too! Treat your MOH to something classy and comfortable like they Seychelles "Like You Mean It". The wedge will keep her feet feeling great as she dotes on you all day, and the metallic will help her stand out (without overshadowing the bride of course). A simple heart shaped necklace will remind her how much you love her even if you go a little bridezilla.