Thursday, July 4, 2013


Color-blocking is a big trend these days. When I say big, I mean bright, noticeable and dare you do it… neon. The trend goes beyond young a-line skirts and bandeaus; color-blocking can add total sophistication at any age when done correctly. You could argue that it is being taken to an entirely new level with nail polish, eye shadows and flashy accessories like belts and costume jewelry. The way to make it work: take several vibrant colors (be careful with more than three) from opposite, analogous (next to each other), or monochromatic (different shades) colors from the color wheel. As a general rule, limit the patterns in the outfit (but don’t be afraid to take it up a notch with a simple geometric pattern if you wish).

You say it’s just not your thing? If you have hesitancy because you aren’t sure if you can “pull it off,” let me give you a tip: try it with the shoes. Not only do eye-catching shoes bring you a reign of compliments and fashion envy, but they can change almost any pair of jeans into an ensemble, especially when blocked with your favorite color chiffon blouse. Still not sure about color-blocking with the shoes? Attention on your feet is a way to create a flattering outfit that takes your eye downward, elongating the body shape. You won’t look like everyone else in varied neutrals—instead, you will look refreshed, fit, and very postmodern. Try it with one of our new favorites: the Jeffrey Campbell In-Love.

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