Sunday, October 27, 2013


Kenneth Cole New York, Line Up
Fall is upon us, and so is back to school time! College football, exams, pumpkin pie and suede. Just a few of Autumn's finest offerings. And then there is all the plaid - tartan plaid to be exact. There's something so nostalgic about the rich hues of tartan plaid, delivering a classic sophistication to the everyday casual. Cozy plaids are no longer reserved for your boyfriend's favorite camping shirt. They're New York City and walking under trees like bursts of gold and red fireworks. Strolling through a park wrapped in a wool scarf and long peacoat. Sipping hot chocolate while hustling around campus. 

For this favorite season I go to Kenneth Cole New York to deliver the ultimate heel for my perfect back to school outfit. The Line Up  is an emerald green suede with exotic snake detail, topped off with the current Fall trend, a pointed toe. I'll compliment its classic autumn color with a little burgundy – how about a leather pencil skirt? And for that aforementioned plaid,  I chose a silk blouse to update the look and add a little chic - gorgeous. Grab a chunky watch, and I'm ready to go! Thanks, Kenneth Cole. Your shoes never cease to amaze, and the Line Up is exactly what I needed to complete my back to school look.

Posted By Kim
MissMeers Corvallis

Thursday, October 17, 2013


If someone asked me to total how many hours I have spent talking about Frye boots, or dreaming about Frye boots, in the last four years I've worked at Miss Meers, I might be too embarrassed to admit just how many. I know, however, that I am not alone. And this is my ode to all of you ladies who lust after and visit the store frequently to see your favorite Frye boot, but have yet to make the investment.

If you are a regular customer, you understand our sisterhood of Frye allegiance at Miss Meers. Since the day I started working at the store in August 2009, I was enthralled by our year round, timeless classic, the Frye 15R Harness in distressed chocolate vintage leather (you may know exactly what boot I am talking about if you have been shopping with us for a while). Not only did the tried and true standard of bench-crafted quality capture my love and attention, but each pair looks completely different with every box you open. Some of them are darker, lighter, more green, more purple, more gray, more black, more tarnished, less smooth, more smooth... the list goes on with the individuality of each boot. With the passing of every year, I have kept my eye on this little beauty, but it was a forbidden love: expensive & rustic. A square-toe style which I had never experienced before, I hesitated every year; could I make this kind of commitment to boots that would be with me for the rest of my life? And I never did it. I just stared at them longingly with every passing hour, of every shift, for four years.

This August, as I was opening the new arrival of 15Rs for fall (it still sells out every year!), I noticed a pair of size 8s with the perfectly darkened toe box and scaling leather detail. All of a sudden, it was like, I just knew. The time had come, and I was ready to make the commitment: through party and long walks, through dirt, mud and city sidewalks, I was going to be with this pair of boots forever. They have already crossed half the globe with me, through the airport and into early fall rainy days. Now, as I sit in a coffee shop in Southern Switzerland watching the waves on Lake Lugano during an overcast day, my feet feel at peace tucked away in their beloved boots, finally.

This year, may you also commit to the Frye boots that will forever make you happy.

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MissMeers via Switzerland

Monday, October 7, 2013


Just like you, the black ankle boot is impossibly dynamic; it can be lady-like by day, and edgy and mysterious by night. It can appear bossy and tough at times, despite what's going on inside, or intimidate with its sophistication, exposing its bold spirit. Like women, it has the foresight to simplify the complicated, highlight surprising elements to the obvious, and looks pulled together when things feel messy. No matter your age, lifestyle, or clothing style, the black ankle boot is a dependable staple that completes any wardrobe.

Here are my favorites, with outfits to boot!

Sam Edelman Maddox, $140.00. This boot is a more refined version of its contemporaries. Its smooth finish and smaller heel keep it dressier, while the pointed toe and elegant strap give it the edge that black ankle boots supply. A denim pencil skirt with a silk plaid blouse and your favorite leather jacket is an effortlessly cool look for fall.

Frye Smith harness, $298.00. This tough, distressed booty clearly has some masculine elements in the harness and the square toe, but is anything but. It's wider shaft keeps the leg looking slim, and the fitted ankle gives it a feminine balance. Try it with your favorite boyfriend jeans and this FW13's most adorable trend, boldly girly pink.

Frye Pippa Chelsea, $288.00. Simple, classic, and comfortable. You will find yourself throwing this one on everyday as it completes every look with the perfect amount of edge, sophistication and classic elements. Besides your jeans and coats, try it with a flared skirt and a graphic sweater or tee, a trendy look that has echoes of iconic school uniforms that finds itself turning up in a new way every decade.

Posted By Catie
MissMeers Eugene