Thursday, July 26, 2012


I thought I could live my life without flats - until one day, I found the smoking slipper.

Sam Edelman Aster, DV Dolce Vita Lissa,
All Black Loungers
I always thought sophistication, edgy, chic, or sassy had to come with a little lift; that was until everyone from Valentino to Dolce Vita decided otherwise. You see the modern smoking slipper has come a long way: I'm talking from patent leather to snake skin, from buckles to cap toes, the smoking slipper can take any form. What the classic heel does for a pant suit and the kitten heel does for a summer dress the smoking slipper can take to a new level of chic. With so many neon colors and spiked shoes these days, who knew something could combine it all and create perfection?!

It just so happens that at Miss Meers all of our favorite brands created a distinct touch to their own smoking slipper to fit a different woman.

The All Black Loungers could be considered a classic shape, a gorgeous suede, and the perfect accessory for a business meeting. Their magic touch: a rare lemon color and the perfect golden hardware detail.

The Sam Edelman Aster is the professional and in control classic with a subtle snake skin texture and a cap toe that says “I’m in charge and know exactly what I’m doing.” If you are wearing this smoking slipper sophistication can never be questioned.

And, after all this serious talk, you ask how does the smoking slipper touch that wild side of the closet? The DV by Dolce Vita Lissa snake print, purple and orange ombré, with a pointed-toe sets ironic fire to the classic. This is the shoe that finally convinced me flats are more than necessary to complete the shoe collection. With smoking slipper style and sass to challenge Megan Mullally, the Lissa made my heart flutter. A pair of skinny jeans and a blazer gives the shoe a professional attitude with a spark. However, the nude fishnet tights and bright orange shorts with the blazer I am wearing right now complete the look that the Lissa deserves in all its trendy glory.

Whatever kind of woman you are, whatever kind of woman you want to be, there is a smoking slipper that can finish your look this Fall like no other style of shoe has done yet. Trust me, you won’t want to miss the chance to make them your own statement!

Posted by Val
MissMeers Bridgeport

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I love animal prints (leopard, zebra, cheetah you name it). I love them on shoes, pillows, scarves, curtains, actually almost anything. I know this sounds random, but... Wouldn’t a leopard Sonic Care toothbrush be FABULOUS?

I do, however, need to qualify... Animal prints done wrong are terrible! As in unusable, not even halfway cute, why did someone produce this, and who in the heck would buy this!

So, when I’m looking for animal print shoes for the store, I’m really picky about not only the actual print, but where its put on the shoe and how much is used. Its like my own litmus test for shoes with prints.

When I found the Dolce Vita Janna, it passed all my tests. I love the heel height, I love the look of the animal print used (snake, hisssssssss!), and I love the mix you get with this wedge: a little snake, a little luggage, a little buckle. The straps are also perfect  – they hit right below the ankle and do NOT cut your legs off, thus this wedge is MissMeer's approved for dresses, skirts and shorts. Another thing is since the color of the shoe is tan, the straps and most of the shoe blend into your skin, making the snake pop.

I’d like to wear this out at King Estate winery with a pair cream shorts, a flowy taupey colored top, and a glass of pinot gris. It’s a summer must have.


Posted by Meera
MissMeers Eugene