Thursday, June 18, 2015


Posted by Carly
Miss Meers Bridgeport

Like everyone else in the world, I am currently a little (okay a lot) obsessed with Taylor Swift. Not only does she write catchy songs, speak out against sexism in the music industry, and have an amazing relationship with her fans, but she does it all in incredibly stylish footwear.

T-Swift has gone through a lot of different phases in her career. In the course of nine years and five albums we've seen her go from a country princess to a bonafide pop star. Any T-Swift fan has that one classic that they never get tired of hearing. What is that one song that you just can't help but sing a long with? Which one still makes you turn the volume up? Which music video have you watched so many times you're probably responsible for half the views on YouTube? Well think hard, cause I'm about to tell you which pair of Miss Meers shoes you need in your closet based on your favorite classic Taylor Swift song!

"Teardrops on My Guitar" from Taylor Swift - Frye "Reina" Bootie

A country music lover to the core, you like your romantic ballads with a little bit of twang. The Reina bootie is a little country and a little bit feminine. I think Tay would approve!

"Love Story" from Fearless - Same Edelman "Augusta"

You are a princess and you don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You still believe in fairytales, whether you've already found your prince or not. The Sam Edelman "Augusta" flat is perfect for the everyday princess. The scallop detail and metallic shimmer are classy and elegant, just like you.

"Mine" from Speak Now - Sperry "Bluefish"

You've outgrown the princess fantasy, but you still believe in forever love. "Mine" follows Taylor through a fictional relationship from them first locking eyes to marriage and babies. You want a shoe as comfortable and reliable as a life partner. The Sperry "Bluefish" is perfect for chasing after the kiddos, or chasing a cute guy!

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" from Red - Miz Mooz "Roman"

You are fiercely independent and march to the beat of your own drum. When you tell someone that you are never ever getting back together (like ever), you mean it. The Miz Mooz "Roman" is as unique as you are with its asymmetrical design and bright pop of color. And did I mention its comfortable? You're not trying to impress anyone with some sky high heels.

"Shake it Off" from 1989 - Seychelles "Would I Lie"

As far as you're concerned music is for one thing: dancing. When you hear "Shake it Off" you can't help but to do just that: Shake it. The Seychelles "Would I Lie" is basically designed for dancing. You get all the comfort of a flat but the metallic delicate straps make it dressy. This shoe is available exclusively at Bridgeport. Get it while you can!

"Bad Blood" from 1989 - Chocolat Blu "Cortez"

You and your friend group basically define squad goals. You always stand up for each other, especially if one of you gets betrayed.  Perfect for stomping over the haters, the "Cortez" takes the classic wedge to edgy new places with an all black matte finish. Band-aids may not fix bullet holes, but a cute pair of shoes can fix pretty much any other problem!