Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Harness 12R
What is it that makes a great shoe brand? Is it their length of time in business? Is it standing behind their product? Or is it a company making such a quality item that it can be worn for decades with ease?

A Frye is an investment. A marriage of style and comfort that will go the distance. Their products get better with age. The wear marks, scuffs and stains only adds charm and character and makes them truly your own.

Frye has been around since 1863! The soldiers in the Civil War and World War II wore Frye boots. They are the oldest shoe company in the USA. Frye’s unique bench-crafted construction makes each pair distinctive and fit differently. For this reason, no two Fryes are exactly alike.

Made with beautiful rich leathers once you own a pair of Fryes it’s hard to settle for anything else. From their iconic Harness Boot to their newer tailored Harlow Campus Boot there is always something to be admired by Frye.

One of my favorite styles right now by Frye is our new Carson Tab Tall boot. The leather is super buttery and the timeless design will go with everything. The height is perfect for many different leg lengths, it’s not too tall. It also has little stitch details that make me smile.

Harlow Campus, Carson Pull Tab, Jackie Button
In contract to the basic Carson Tab, I also love the Jenna Studded Short boot. The leather has a sparkly shine to it. The studs remind me of crocodile scales, I think the boot is just plain rockin! Pair it with dark skinny jeans and you will be ready to take on the town.

There are many more styles that we carry that I adore and dream of. The Jackie Button and Veronica Slouch just to mention a few.

Jenna Studded
Frye is like your favorite chocolate bar. Once you have one square you want to indulge in more. So go ahead peel back that wrapper and dive into the sweet satisfaction of Frye. A taste that has been celebrated for almost 150 years!

Friday, September 28, 2012


Sweedish Hasbeens
Zip It Emy
Crisp air, painted leaves and the warm glow over our days; fall is here! Snuggling in sweaters, jackets, jeans and cords, oh my. Don’t get me started on tights and chunky dresses… Loafers, pumps, boots and what is this, booties?!?

Yes the bootie, it’s been around for some time now. Maybe you’ve been toying with the idea of whether or not you could pull them off, so soundly you do what you know, what is safe - the full length boot. A classic yes and it beautifully embraces those brisk fall days. But try the bootie, give it a whirl and you will be glad you did.

All Black
Shawl Collar
The bootie, come to find out is feared by some? - What! - How could this be? Something so versatile, is estranged? Its height yes, compacts the look into a flavorful bite if it were say taller. But come on, you’re hip with the times, you flirt with fashion. Take the leap; plunge into the freedom of your footwear.

Now is the time to try those cute little guys that call out your name. It’s the best of both worlds because it can do it all! The bootie is a boot and a shoe all in one (a splendid, savvy secret… for now).

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MissMeers Corvallis

Friday, August 10, 2012


Kelsi Dagger Erna

I was stunned by your beauty, your elegant charm.
Sophisticated and sassy, 
Wild yet classy. 

Your radiant suede lured me in. 
Your cushy insole allows me to indulge all day.

A new staple in my closet, you’re more than a splash. 
You dive into fun and I rejoice in every step. 

From your suede wrapped heel to your perfect point. 
I applause Kelsi Dagger for choosing your shade.
I celebrate your perfection and that you were made!

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MissMeers Corvallis

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I thought I could live my life without flats - until one day, I found the smoking slipper.

Sam Edelman Aster, DV Dolce Vita Lissa,
All Black Loungers
I always thought sophistication, edgy, chic, or sassy had to come with a little lift; that was until everyone from Valentino to Dolce Vita decided otherwise. You see the modern smoking slipper has come a long way: I'm talking from patent leather to snake skin, from buckles to cap toes, the smoking slipper can take any form. What the classic heel does for a pant suit and the kitten heel does for a summer dress the smoking slipper can take to a new level of chic. With so many neon colors and spiked shoes these days, who knew something could combine it all and create perfection?!

It just so happens that at Miss Meers all of our favorite brands created a distinct touch to their own smoking slipper to fit a different woman.

The All Black Loungers could be considered a classic shape, a gorgeous suede, and the perfect accessory for a business meeting. Their magic touch: a rare lemon color and the perfect golden hardware detail.

The Sam Edelman Aster is the professional and in control classic with a subtle snake skin texture and a cap toe that says “I’m in charge and know exactly what I’m doing.” If you are wearing this smoking slipper sophistication can never be questioned.

And, after all this serious talk, you ask how does the smoking slipper touch that wild side of the closet? The DV by Dolce Vita Lissa snake print, purple and orange ombré, with a pointed-toe sets ironic fire to the classic. This is the shoe that finally convinced me flats are more than necessary to complete the shoe collection. With smoking slipper style and sass to challenge Megan Mullally, the Lissa made my heart flutter. A pair of skinny jeans and a blazer gives the shoe a professional attitude with a spark. However, the nude fishnet tights and bright orange shorts with the blazer I am wearing right now complete the look that the Lissa deserves in all its trendy glory.

Whatever kind of woman you are, whatever kind of woman you want to be, there is a smoking slipper that can finish your look this Fall like no other style of shoe has done yet. Trust me, you won’t want to miss the chance to make them your own statement!

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MissMeers Bridgeport

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I love animal prints (leopard, zebra, cheetah you name it). I love them on shoes, pillows, scarves, curtains, actually almost anything. I know this sounds random, but... Wouldn’t a leopard Sonic Care toothbrush be FABULOUS?

I do, however, need to qualify... Animal prints done wrong are terrible! As in unusable, not even halfway cute, why did someone produce this, and who in the heck would buy this!

So, when I’m looking for animal print shoes for the store, I’m really picky about not only the actual print, but where its put on the shoe and how much is used. Its like my own litmus test for shoes with prints.

When I found the Dolce Vita Janna, it passed all my tests. I love the heel height, I love the look of the animal print used (snake, hisssssssss!), and I love the mix you get with this wedge: a little snake, a little luggage, a little buckle. The straps are also perfect  – they hit right below the ankle and do NOT cut your legs off, thus this wedge is MissMeer's approved for dresses, skirts and shorts. Another thing is since the color of the shoe is tan, the straps and most of the shoe blend into your skin, making the snake pop.

I’d like to wear this out at King Estate winery with a pair cream shorts, a flowy taupey colored top, and a glass of pinot gris. It’s a summer must have.


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MissMeers Eugene

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I just came back from vacation where I took two pairs of brand new, unworn shoes. I never do this.

In fact I always tell customers to break-in a new pair before leaving. I usually suggest wearing them just like a pair of sneakers: do errands in them, vacuum the house, do dishes, clean the living room. The point being, if you wear them while being active they'll get broken-in and your feet will adjust, thus making walking through an airport and standing in a taxi line feel like a breeze.

I've been selling shoes and preaching my "break-in before vacation" mantra for a long-time. And then I broke my own rule...

It was the day before I left for Palm Springs and I realized I didn't have the right shoes. I wanted a wedge I could dress-up with jeans or wear with shorts. I also needed a basic sandal for heading to the pool. Could I possibly bring two unworn shoes on vacation?

I planed on flying in an airplane, drinking cocktails, sitting in the sun, walking to dinner (think MAJOR swelling), could I find a wedge and sandal that could stand the test?

This ended up working out so well I had to blog about it.

For my sandal I got the Splendid “Madrid." It was my perfect pool, shorts, rolled up jeans, tanks, and t’s shoe. There is something very sophisticated and chic about this flip-flop. I'm actually getting a backup pair. I am seriously SMITTEN. Some of you might recognize the name Splendid and think of the dreamy T-shirt line? Yes, it's the same one - this is their first season with shoes and they are just as dreamy!

Sixty Seven
Moka Love
For the wedge I picked a new brand for Miss Meers called Sixty Seven. The wedge I chose is called "Moka Love" (Where the heck do they come up with these names?). It's made in Spain of Italian leathers, those same luxurious leathers line the inside. Its simple, but elegant, which for me a wedge hasn’t quite ever been able to be. It has a perfect platform, so while it's tall, my foot isn't at an unreasonable pitch. The color is dark and rich, but also very easy to wear with spring colors. I loved it with shorts, but also was comfortable in a wide-leg jean and flowy tank.

While I can’t say that my “break-in before vacation” mantra has totally changed, I can tell you that there are SOME shoes that can be worn for the first time without any issues!

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MissMeer Eugene

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


There's nothing like a great platform wedge to catapult my wardrobe from winter to spring. The second my eyes catch a glimpse of sunlight, the message seems to run through me, and immediately my toes demand to be released from their hibernation in a sea of leather-boots and wool socks.

Jessica Simpson Cocoa
The Jessica Simpson "Cocoa" provides the perfect new home for them. Come in yourself and see how if your toes love 'em as much. Be warned though, at $99 I have a feeling they're going to go fast.

I always love a peep toe to reveal the season's first pedicure (check out Essie's "Cute As a Button").

Nanette Lepore Blazer
Cocoa's trio of colors is the perfect compliment to all the bright shades of garments I plan on pulling out; first and foremost, a great green blazer, such as this one by Nanette Lepore...

The soft leather and linen are a perfect contrast to strong materials and bold colors, as provided by these warm-tone accessories (see below).

Easy to dress up or down, the Cocoa is a great choice for both a picnic in the park or dinner on the patio of a quaint new restaurant you're trying (provided they have heat lamps :) ).


Essie Polish

Cara Bangles

Kate Spade

Kendra Scott

Robert Rodriquez
Waist Belt

Milly Satchel

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Miss Meers Eugene

Friday, March 30, 2012


Sam Edelman Tacoma
I do the buying for MissMeers. I go to massive conventions where there's literally millions of the latest and greatest in shoes. So when I say I was taken aback when I spied this beauty you know it really stood out in a crowd.

Literally drooling, I held it in my hands, and said, “I have to have this shoe!”

That was over a year ago, so when I ripped open the new shipment from Sam Edelman guess who came back into my life? It was like getting reacquainted with a lost love.

Sam Edelman’s “Tacoma” peep-toe pump is simple yet has spectacular attention to detail.

Take a close look.

Do you see the back heel and how they sliced in a piece of rich luggage colored leather? See the toe bed? Its black lizard. Now sit back, and look at the stunning cream colored snake that makes up the rest of the shoe. Did you notice the heel? I’ve never seen one like it, its asymmetrical: wide enough to be stable, yet slim enough to still be sexy.

My first outfit will be a basic skinny jean (to show the shoe of course!) and a flowy black top.

Once the sun really starts, I might be brave enough to wear it with shorts. Then of course there is a khaki pant, a plain black dress, leggings, a maxi skirt… the possibilities are endless once my mind starts REALLY mulling this over.

Being apart from this shoe for over a year might actually have been a good thing. I was able to fall in love all over again.

I’ve thanked Sam before, and I hate to say it, but I have to do it again. He’s making some incredible shoes.

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MissMeers Eugene

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Jeffrey Campbell has long been a favorite of ours when it comes to edgy, over-the-top shoes. However, his new flat “Ollie," well, its a preppy girl's dream come true.

The cobalt blue-suede, gold chain-link, and tassels take me straight to a summer home on Cape Cod where I can sport the relaxed nautical style of Jackie O. This shoe is sooooooo easy to pull off. Simply layer classic pieces and you can take the Ollie from morning through the afternoon and all the way to dinner.

For a morning trip down to the beach throw on a tank, roll up those white skinnies, and don’t forget the sunglasses!

When noon rolls around, slip into the Ollie and tuck in a button-down shirt and you're off for lunch and shopping.

The Ollie really shines when you dress it up for dinner, let’s say barbecued oysters and cocktails on the deck.

Remember that white shift-dress you threw in your suitcase last minute? That will be the perfect thing to wear out, just add a chunky bracelet and silk scarf, and you’re set!

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MissMeers Bridgeport

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Jeffrey Campbell Bette
No matter how much time goes by, the 1970s will always be a decade to remember.

This was a time that changed the world of fashion, taking previously casual and even sloppy boho-hippie items and transforming them into something stylish and chic. In the 70's ripped jeans, chaotic patterns, and a multitude of colors squashed into one small square-inch became the newest trend. 

Now, it is to my utter delight that Jeffrey Campbell’s “Bette” commemorates this time with a throwback fabric that is simply to die for. 

Combining a soft cognac and shades of seafoam, Bette makes a perfect winter-to-spring transitional shoe. 

What’s even better is it looks amazing with so many kinds of outfits; for now, wide-leg dark jeans and a soft cream blouse, and later in spring, with a jewel-tone maxi dress, such as this one from Jean Paul Gaultier...

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MissMeers Eugene

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Jessica Simpson Cosamo

Here at MissMeers we just got a fantastic winter flat from Jessica Simpson. In a season known for being a bit dreary and gloomy, especially in the Northwest, "Comaso" is the perfect way to add a fun pop of color to your day.

The bow is feminine, the studs edgy, the suede cozy, and the color alluring. Its rubber sole makes trekking through puddles a breeze.

This is a flat great for all ages; cute on my University of Oregon peers and fun for women such as my mom (who I might add, is obsessed with this shoe).

A sweet ballet flat that's acquired an edgy-side. Pairing "Comaso" with various outfits is effortless - you can make it sweet or sassy depending on your outlook for the day.

Posted by Kaelee
MissMeers Eugene