Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Frye Pippa Chelsea
Every year I eagerly anticipate the fall season at Miss Meers (probably even more than the holiday season!) because of the overwhelming smell of leather and bench-crafted quality that comes in the little eggshell colored boxes with the word FRYE written all over them. Boots like the classic harness style never get boring to look at especially with the unique-one-of-a-kind colored leather, I ask you, how can you resist?

I’m especially excited about a couple new items we received in this recent shipment. The Pippa Chelsea boot is a chic take on the classic ankle bootie with just the right amount of careful detail to let you know it's superior in both quality and style. It has a classic riding boot foot shape, and a single ear in the back, then it's finished with a Frye button. Not only can this boot do day to day jeans, but it also would look amazing with a fierce batwing sweater & ballerina bun.
Frye Regina Pump

The second one, the Frye Regina Pump in burnt red made my jaw drop! This is not just the insanely comfortable, totally perfect glove fit, leather lined, mid-heel Regina pump we have had before— indeed, it’s that, in a NEW fresh color that has a rich and sultry look, inevitably taking your style above and beyond chic. The deep red color peeks out beneath a darker stain of charcoal black—just screaming of true vintage which means it will increase in worth with each wearing. I can’t wait to wear mine with new white skinnies and a chiffon button up!

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MissMeers Bridgeport

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Dolce Vita Giya in red suede
I think the Rolling Stones got it wrong all those years ago when they wanted to paint everything black—because, really, everything should be painted RED. What I mean is that one shouldn’t assume that a black shoe will best compliment a black dress, bright colored pants, or chic blazer. Red is one of the most classic of shoe colors; every woman should own at least one; if not several for different occasions. Why? Because the famous phrase “paint the town red” started with the idea that extreme fun and enjoyment was inevitably going to be had when you had this color on. (Louboutin DID make it his signature sole color!). Red symbolizes love, lavishness, and in many cultures, true happiness—it comes in millions of shades, whether you love muted pastels or feel like delving into the crimson dark side.

I believe that the most perfect red shade is found in our new Dolce Vita Giya. This guy is not even a little purple, pink or orange tinted—this is true RED pigment. This modern pointed-toe smoking loafer made its debut a few seasons ago, however, this one goes beyond chic. Take it with you to a job interview for a boost of confidence, or throw it on with a pair of dark skinny jeans during the day to give your outfit a fresh breath of sophistication. Simply put, you will look classy no matter what you do with it.

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MissMeers Bridgeport

Friday, July 12, 2013


How many times have we gone out shopping just to find the “perfect shoe,” but have no idea what that looks like? Seriously though, who hasn’t felt that “I’ll know it when I see it” kind of thing? 

I know, sometimes it never happens. BUT, it happened to me - the day I found my Swedish Hasbeens. If you haven’t heard of the company yet, these darlings are all hand made in Sweden; they have one piece of carved lime tree for the sole and a classic nailed leather upper. The truth is there really is one out there for every woman. Whether your style is edgy, chic or simple—casual or formal, really— you can’t go wrong, the different signature styles come in up to four different heights, taking you from every day chic to extra sexy nights on the town. They are one of the “tried and true” 8-hour-shift- and- then- summer- cocktail- party kind of shoes. (done by yours truly) 

I have been on the “perfect shoe” mission for over a year now, and until I found the Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe in black, my heart could not be tamed. I waited and waited for the box to arrive, and let me tell you—I haven’t spent a day without them in over two weeks. Breaking them in was a piece of cake! I’ve worn them with fishnets, Capri pants, and shorts; and together, we’ve gone to pub crawls and grocery stores. 

I’m sure some of you have been waiting for this kind of shoe too—tailor it to your style and have a handcrafted classic for all time.

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MissMeers Bridgeport

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Color-blocking is a big trend these days. When I say big, I mean bright, noticeable and dare you do it… neon. The trend goes beyond young a-line skirts and bandeaus; color-blocking can add total sophistication at any age when done correctly. You could argue that it is being taken to an entirely new level with nail polish, eye shadows and flashy accessories like belts and costume jewelry. The way to make it work: take several vibrant colors (be careful with more than three) from opposite, analogous (next to each other), or monochromatic (different shades) colors from the color wheel. As a general rule, limit the patterns in the outfit (but don’t be afraid to take it up a notch with a simple geometric pattern if you wish).

You say it’s just not your thing? If you have hesitancy because you aren’t sure if you can “pull it off,” let me give you a tip: try it with the shoes. Not only do eye-catching shoes bring you a reign of compliments and fashion envy, but they can change almost any pair of jeans into an ensemble, especially when blocked with your favorite color chiffon blouse. Still not sure about color-blocking with the shoes? Attention on your feet is a way to create a flattering outfit that takes your eye downward, elongating the body shape. You won’t look like everyone else in varied neutrals—instead, you will look refreshed, fit, and very postmodern. Try it with one of our new favorites: the Jeffrey Campbell In-Love.

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MissMeers Bridgeport