Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Sometimes I actually find the shoe that I imagine will complete my wardrobe; the one that haunts my dreams and waking hours as the solution to all of my outfit woes. Finally, that shoe enters my life, and it will go with that funky dress, every blouse I own, AND those jeans I wear more often than I’d like people to know. Maybe my mom will even like them! When this happens to me, inevitably the shoes are purchased, become my own before even leaving the store, and once home, are very happy in my closet.

Other times though, I stumble across a shoe that stumps me, I am drawn to it but can’t picture it with my clothes, and yet I keep coming back to it. This is what happened to me with the spectator pumps we started carrying this fall: the insanely comfortable Fidji “Sign Me Up”, and the perfectly strapped Miz Mooz “Safari”. They are both classics made new, a novel concept that I adore for shoes as old trends become modern.

But, what do I wear with them? Instead of being intimidated by the shoes I thought were out of my league, I got excited about the challenge, and all of the sudden items in my closet were looking different to me and given new life when I thought about these shoes paired with them. Both of the shoe shapes are lady-like, with a heel that is not too high or too short, and their two-toned brogue detailing gives them a timeless element. For my style, I wanted to balance out their vintage look, so I paired them with my favorite fall pieces to keep them on trend, but not looking like I walked out of an Urban Outfitters catalogue.

The black and the white of the Miz Mooz pair is kept preppy with a pinafore dress, turtleneck, knee-high socks and pea coat – all updated versions of old classics. The pinafore dress is a light wash chambray and the pea coat is navy, and a boyfriend shape , one of fall’s biggest shades. A berry lip completes the 90’s grungy, but girly vibe.

The retro mary-jane shape of the Fdiji spectator pump is perfect with some slouchy pants, a trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I want to wear these with my favorite sweater and button-up combo, and a hat that completes the look with a stylish edge.

Whether you actually find the shoe that completes your wardrobe, or stumble across a shoes that stumps you, enjoy the process!

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