Tuesday, December 17, 2013


All Black Wide Heel
Posted by Grace
MissMeers Bridgeport

Recently, I found myself searching for the perfect neutral to wear with a few of my Fall favorites. I needed something to work with my grey wool coat, Pendleton scarf, and a trendy neon yellow beanie. Sometimes all at the same time.

Gotta work with my three Fall favorites.
Of course I have black covered already, and I've done the whiskey/cognac thing so many times. So, in hopes of changing it up from yet another taupe bootie, I decided to pick up the All Black Wide Heel in navy. I know what you're thinking: "But navy is so hard to match!" or maybe, "Oh, no. Navy is the color of my mom's old work suits." And you might be right. However, this cutie is different. Just bright enough to pop against black (that's the rule, folks: you can wear navy and black together as long as they aren't so similar it looks like you got dressed in the dark), plus they match jeans perfectly, so just about anything I'd wear with denim is fair game. 

Side note? I can wear them all day, and carry a baby in them. And please don't be scared of the suede, a little protective spray and you're good to go! The texture is so rich and warm - don't miss out.

Wear navy with all black!
...or with bright color!

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