Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Dolce Vita Giya in red suede
I think the Rolling Stones got it wrong all those years ago when they wanted to paint everything black—because, really, everything should be painted RED. What I mean is that one shouldn’t assume that a black shoe will best compliment a black dress, bright colored pants, or chic blazer. Red is one of the most classic of shoe colors; every woman should own at least one; if not several for different occasions. Why? Because the famous phrase “paint the town red” started with the idea that extreme fun and enjoyment was inevitably going to be had when you had this color on. (Louboutin DID make it his signature sole color!). Red symbolizes love, lavishness, and in many cultures, true happiness—it comes in millions of shades, whether you love muted pastels or feel like delving into the crimson dark side.

I believe that the most perfect red shade is found in our new Dolce Vita Giya. This guy is not even a little purple, pink or orange tinted—this is true RED pigment. This modern pointed-toe smoking loafer made its debut a few seasons ago, however, this one goes beyond chic. Take it with you to a job interview for a boost of confidence, or throw it on with a pair of dark skinny jeans during the day to give your outfit a fresh breath of sophistication. Simply put, you will look classy no matter what you do with it.

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