Friday, May 16, 2014


Posted by Chelsea
Miss Meers Eugene

It's Friday! And you know what that means! Time for a round of "If This Shoe Were a Cocktail," where I use a scientifically proven method to determine any shoe's alcoholic equivalent. Because why not? I urge you to indulge- if only with your eyes- in shoe shopping's most indulgent companion (rivaled only by chocolate): a nice, refreshing cocktail. Always drink and shop responsibly.
The old-school prep of this sneaker deserves an old-school drink. Tennis club appropriate indeed.
This sandal is seriously garden-party ready. It's starting to look like summer, no?

In all of it's mule-ish glory, this shoe has to be a fortifying dessert drink. The dudette abides.  

This sandal is definitely picnic-ready. Pair them with your favorite gingham top and put back a few lemonades.

The Southwestern vibe of this heel makes me want tequila. Is that just me?

This caged heel is ready to dance all night. The cocktail gives you the boost you need to keep up.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

THE BIRK IS BACK! (whether we like it or not)

Posted by Chelsea
Miss Meers Eugene

Iconic Kate Moss, effortless in her Birks of the 90s
Aching feet of the world rejoice! Why, you ask? Because Birkenstocks, Tivas, sliders and basically any other shoe classically referred to as ugly is not only tolerable, but stylish. I’m Birken-shocked (hehe).

Some may argue that Birkenstock-esque sandals lack aesthetic appeal and, honestly, they might be correct. The style has traditionally been coveted by kayakers, hikers, and your old lady neighbor who wears a sweat suit every day and gardens on the reg.  While the trend’s presence in the fashion world is undeniable (check out this Vogue article written about them), these sandals honestly just aren’t super pretty. And it’s fairly obvious the fashion world did not embrace these sandals for their function. So why are they a trend?

Well folks, that’s a tough one to understand, but things that aren't easily understood tend to be the most interesting. Sometimes things don’t make sense and feel like they shouldn't work but, they. just. do. I love things that are pretty, but things that are easily understood can sometimes be boring. The trends that aren't universally agreed upon as aesthetically pleasing, but persist and work anyway are the most exciting. Plus, after you see the awesome sporty/edgy effect that they bring to outfits you realize: they aren't just working, they’re thriving. I recommend pairing with a light summer dress for an easy outfit, or a pair of wide leg trousers and slouchy tee for a sophisticated and easy look. Let’s embrace what we don’t understand and let Birkenstocks/sliders have their moment!

Here are the celebs/fashion bloggers of the web showing us how:

leandra medine
Leandra Medine
ashley olson
Ashley Olson
alexa chung
Alexa Chung

We’ve got ya covered for the trend, but with shoes that definitely do NOT look like the shoes your great aunt wears to walk her dogs. Here are my favorite picks:

Gentle Souls "Breaking News"
Chocolat Blu "Melissa"
Corso Como "Slim"

The Corso Como “Slim” celebrates the silhouette of the Birkenstock, but retains the sassy sophistication that I hope you’ve come to expect of our store. The Chocolat Blu “Melissa” is earthy-cool, and totally on-trend with its big cork platform. And the Gentle Souls' "Breaking News” alludes to the slider sandal, but is easier to dress up than some of the sportier versions.