Monday, February 25, 2013


Sam Edelman Myron
As all Oregonians know, spring takes a little too long to get here. While spring clothes are hitting the shelves at the mall, we are still shivering beneath our umbrellas in our rain boots and scarves. As we are itching to throw on our spring frocks and colored blouses, the overcast sky and frequent drizzles remind us of our need to stay in our pants and coats of winter. The answer to your season-transitional outfit woes? The ankle boot! The ankle boot is the perfect investment for a shoe that you can wear now, into spring and even into summer as our temperamental weather fluctuates from chilly to warm, and back to chilly at a moment’s notice. 

Sam Edelman Petty
Try the Sam Edelman Myron boot for a perfect basic to go with all looks. Its casual slouch, neutral color and western-styled toe offer an effortless addition to your current wardrobe, as well as completing your winter-to-spring looks. Wear it now with your favorite denim and well-loved knits of previous seasons. Paired with a leather coat and a beanie (one of 2013’s biggest trends)  the look is pulled together with both ease and added warmth. As the weather warms up, this boot will go perfectly with dresses, skirts and even shorts for your day to night looks.

The Sam Edelman Petty in leopard or black is yet another example of the perfect ankle boot. Sent straight from the fashion gods to wear with your transitional outfits (getting you into your spring clothes sooner than later) this boot compliments any preppy outfit, giving dimension to clean lines and solid colors, with the perfect dose of coolness, leaving sophistication intact. 

Jeffrey Campbell Areas
My final pick is the Jeffrey Campbell Areas. This chelsea boot is adorable paired with a girly frock and ultra-feminine overcoat for a mod-inspired look that will keep you dry and current.
So, get your ankle boot now and let it carry you through the changing seasons as your wardrobe-boosting best friend; acclimating together to our unpredictable Oregon weather. They will maintain your trendiness and sophistication as the weather unsuccessfully threatens to cramp your in-between-season-style.

Posted by Catie
MissMeers Eugene

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Jeffrey Campbell Flava Cap & Jessica Biel, Vogue
By now we're pretty used to seeing this metal cap toe trend. It's a little edgy and a lot sophisticated, and I loved it on smoking slippers and ballet fats for fall. But now? Now I love it even more, paired with spring's other huge trend: mint.

It's one of those shoes that makes the outfit. You can throw it on with jeans and a grey cashmere sweater, pile on some jewelry and out the door you go. Stylin. Mrs. Timberlake took this look to the red carpet, pairing hers with a soft pink Dior gown (swoon!); and when asked how the Flava Cap landed a spot in her personal collection, Meera said,
"It's super comfortable and very outside my box. Making me realize that going outside my comfort zone might be a little part of staying young. (Not to worry, I'm still dressing my age!)" 
Whether you're a trendsetter, looking to freshen up your look, or heading off to some fabulous event, this shoe might be the one to try.

Posted by Grace
MissMeers Bridgeport

Thursday, February 7, 2013


We've all been there. You walk into a shoe store and B-line right for the wildest pair on the shelf. It has pattern, texture, sparkle, fringe, hardware, or all of the above! You desperately want to make them yours, but walk away because you think to yourself, “What on earth would I wear them with?” 
Ella Moss Janelle & DV Dolce Vita Reyn

A statement shoe can be worn one of two ways, both of which are easily put together with items you already have in your closet. The first option is to go with their crazy vibe. Throw an outfit together with no regard to matching colors or patterns. The wilder the better! Mix and match that shoe with pieces that done necessarily go together. Grab your patterned jeans and funkiest jacket.  Pile on the jewelry and watch as all your mismatched clothing magically forms one chic and cohesive look. 
If extreme clashing isn’t your scene, you’ll be amazed about how fabulous your statement shoe looks when you throw it on with just jeans and a T-shirt. Treat your new funky shoe as an accessory, just like you would your favorite statement necklace. Paired with any basic outfit, your wild shoe has been tamed, and fits seamlessly into your wardrobe.

Posted by Tyler
MissMeers Bridgeport