Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Jeffrey Campbell,  Darling
Last week the Jeffrey Campbell Darling pump came in. Five inches of perfected silver stiletto, topped off with the most precisely pointed toe. I mean seriously, this shoe is to die for. What more could a girl ask for?

So there I was, slowly unwrapping the tissue, piece by piece. Care tantamount to the handling of fine china. I place the silver beauties on my feet, one by one. Cinderella would be green with envy.

I stand up, strut to the mirror, and I. Look. Good.

Pregnant Kim, rocking
her silver stilettos. 
But then... with a slight turn to the side, I catch a glimpse of my huge, nine month pregnant tummy, and before I know it am quickly ushering myself (my husband calls it “waddling;” I have no idea what he’s talking about) back to the safety of the leopard bench. And then a harsh reality sets in. This gorgeous shoe and me will probably have to postpone our heated romance for a while. I’m a heel girl, yes, but I’m no Kim Kardashian.

And that’s OK! This story’s ending remains a happy one. I am still enjoying my fabulous Frye platforms, my Swedish Hasbeens heeled sandals, and even Jeffrey put out a few mid heels this season, just for pregnant me. Because, you see, it’s not the height of the heel that’s important. It’s all about how a shoe makes you feel (especially when living in a distant version of the body you’re used to). With a little shoe-love-chemical-attraction (and maybe just the simple knowledge that you won’t be falling flat on your face) you can still strut your stuff in super cute low to mid heels -- and feel like a million bucks at nine months pregnant. The five inchers will wait for me, and there are plenty of shoes to enjoy in the meantime.

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We all remember the skirt,
but did you notice those HEELS?!
Shoe you actually wear when pregnant.
Still super cute, and then mom friendly for after!
Swedish Hasbeens, Peep Toe Super High
Frye, Regina Flat
Sam Edelman, Lucca

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