Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Posted By Tyler
MissMeers Bridgeport

Over the last year I have worked at Miss Meers I have established quite the impressive shoe collection (as you can imagine!). I was drawn to it all: the crazy, printed, super high, and totally trendy; the classic, the neutral. You name it. Never have I swiped my card and left with a pair anything less than fabulous. Now on my last day in this shoe wonderland, I am faced with an impossible decision. How will I ever decide on my final shoe purchase as a Miss Meers employee? With reality setting in, I'm faced with the fact that I won’t be wearing the wild pairs I have grown so accustomed to rocking on a daily basis. Let’s be honest: it’s not just any job where you can wear amazing, sky high heels every day.

I need something I have heard women asking for almost every day I have worked here: I need the perfect shoe, the one that has it all! I want a trendy shoe that can be timeless for years to come, as well as versatile. One perfect for casual, work, and sassy outfits. Comfy, so I don’t have to save them for special occasions, and well made, so I can rock them forever!

And here she is: the All Black, Little Fur. A timeless nod to the oxford and saddle shoe. Its amazing oxblood color (so trendy right now) is still easy to wear because of its black details. And rock-and-roll calf hair? I’m in love! I’m already dreaming about wearing them on a cozy fall day with my favorite skinny jeans and a knit poncho, rocking them this holiday season with a little black dress, and slipping them on this spring with a cute vintage dress. And hey, they even look cute with the jean jacket and floral skirt I wore in today. Coincidence? I think not!

What better way to wrap up my time at Miss Meers than walking away in the perfect, has-it-all shoe.
With jeans & a poncho...
... or a holiday dress
... or a vintage floral!


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