Thursday, June 27, 2013


Tkees Foundation in Sunkissed
My mission to find the perfect flip flop was a lengthy one. I required something just dressed up enough to go with my dark denim and a silk tank while weekending in Bend, yet basic enough to throw on with my Pilates gear. Usually these two very different looks require two very different shoe selections. Thank goodness for Carly and Jesse Burnett, shoe designer - mind readers! The married couple who created Tkees (t-keys) sought to create something that "disappeared" on the foot. Inspired by the myriad of colors in cosmetic palettes, they injected the philosophy of subtly highlighting as opposed to completely covering into their simple thong sandal collection, dividing them into categories such as Foundations, Creams, Liners, Glosses and more.
Jennifer Aniston wears the Foundation sandal

The result? My perfect leather flip flop. Beware imitations - you might find a nude leather flip flop, but what I have come to love about my Tkees goes beyond just the look. Not only do they wear well (I tested them vigorously last summer on the beaches of the Puget Sound - saltwater AND barnacles); but they also have a slightly widened footbed, and the thin strap goes back just far enough to stay comfortably on your foot (ever try running through the airport in flip flops? Well, you can in these), without being overly tight. Perfect.

Oh. Did I mention that like, EVERY celeb has a pair? Just saying.

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Angelina Jolie in Gloss collection, black licorice
Ashlee Simpson in her bronze Highlighters

Saturday, June 22, 2013


The fashion world is going back in time with all the postmodern vintage looks that inspire us to turn classic into trendy (take a brand like Seychelles for example) and old favorites (Swedish Hasbeens or Saltwater sandals) into current phenomenon. 

 However, prints are a hard thing to keep in style or bring back from the dead. Some of the only patterns that have stood the test of time include textile prints, commonly hand woven or carefully crafted. From the current day Berbers who hand weave carpets in North Africa to the Aztec ancients—these patterned zigzags and stripes have stood the test of time in looking both modern and classic. Brands such as Pendleton and Missoni show how amazingly versatile these textile prints can be from uber casual to uber sophisticated.

Shoe brands like Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman, All Black and Doc Martens add details inspired by these classic prints to showcase their timeless qualities. Jeffrey Campbell, one of our favorite shoe brands, created the amazing Bijou sandal reminiscent of the Missoni classic print. One of our favorite bag companies, Will Leather Goods, created a stunning collection of Oaxacan handbags that use vegetable and natural dyes to create vibrancy in the one of a kind, hand woven Zapotec rugs featured on their incredible leather make. 

Owning a shoe or bag with a classic textile print is a must in order to have a holistic collection of oh-so-beautiful everlasting things. Our current favorites are: the Jeffrey Campbell Bijou sandal: perfect to thrown on with cropped skinnies or our Will Oaxacan crossbody or Indian silk rag rug bag: perfect to throw over your shoulder during any season.

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Friday, June 14, 2013


One of my favorite quotes from customers is the occasional “it’s dangerous in here!”

Usually the phrase refers to the overwhelming number of just perfect shoes that we cannot live without (AND unfortunately for our wallet’s survival we must restrain ourselves). However, in recent trends, the meaning of "dangerous" has been taken to a whole new level. An uncanny appearance of fierce and daring materials are being used on flats, boots, sandals and stilettos alike; spikes, studs, and snakeskin have become an official shoe language.

One of my favorite ways to wear this style is to take an ordinary summer dress and make an extreme statement with the by pairing it with something like the Jeffrey Campbell Puffer sandal. The touch of gold spikes is the perfect level of danger and mystère, attracting the eye and alerting others of your keen trend senses. I also love the irony of wearing something like the Report Winnie with a pair of baby pink leggings and a fur top; the combination creates a look of serious finesse.

The dangerous details are a perfect accessory for a look that has superior fashion intimidation. 

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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Frye Samantha Disk
I adore this shoe. I adore the color, the studs, the heel, the leather, and the way that it effortlessly transforms even the simplest outfit into something special. 

Yesterday I wore it out of the house with skinny jeans, a white sweater tank and a tan blazer at 6AM, met with a possible new sales associate, worked on the sales floor, walked around the mall (and tried the perfect dress on with them, must go back!), hosted a staff meeting, grabbed groceries, and walked in the door with happy feet at 8PM. Happy feet! 

So, whether you are a mom that needs a pick me up, a professional that needs a little edge, or a globe trotter embarking on your next adventure to walk the Champs Elyse, this is your shoe.  Pair it with skinny jeans, a white tee and a scarf, wide leg trousers, a boho cream dress, a romper, or a spring pencil skirt, honestly the possibilities are endless. You'll be comfortable, and confident. And for $298, you better be, right?

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