Sunday, February 2, 2014


Posted by Morgan
MissMeers Eugene

I love looking through magazines and blogs trying to find the latest trends and fads. One that has recently stuck out in my mind is wearing socks with heels. This is fun, especially for those who tend to live in colder climates itching to put on peep toe or strappy heels. This is not only eye catching, but can bring to life a pair of shoes that you have labeled ‘boring’ and avoided in your closet. The Corso Como Crosby studded pump is perfect for this look. Not overwhelming, the studs give it a little kick, and wearing it paired with a fun sock really gives you an edge to your wardrobe.

You may be telling yourself that models and celebs look great in this, but wonder if you could pull off the same type of look. Don’t doubt yourself, we all need to take that little leap of faith when it comes to clothes and do something fun. Go crazy with your feet and keep the rest of the outfit toned down, yet sophisticated, to exemplify a picture of envy. The outfit that I have assembled features a black oversized sweater with a mini tartan skirt, red studded clutch, and the Crosby pumps to finish the outfit, with either black or white lace socks. You are not only incorporating this fabulous sock trend, but you are giving your own unique spin to a classic look.

This particular look also goes great with your boyfriend jeans, cardigan, and oversized sweater. For whatever outfit that you pick, you can always spice it up with a fun lace or printed sock. Never be afraid to step outside of the box!

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