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Being a retail associate myself, I tend to be hyper-aware of the many empty promises sales-people may try to tempt you with. I think we’ve all been in a store wondering if we should act impressed as a salesperson spews us miracles: “This top will make you look 20 pounds lighter” “these red, snake-skin skinny pants are going to be THE ONLY PANTS YOU WEAR” “this bracelet will make your ex-boyfriend love you again.” I usually nod with a smug expression smeared across my face as if to say, “Ha! You didn’t fool me!" and keep walking. This ability to sniff out sales ploys has also made me question the words I choose when I myself am selling. 

My loves - the Frye Jillian Chelsea
The other day, as I was helping a woman slip into the most beautiful pair of white, snake-skin chelsea booties, I heard myself utter the cheesiest words known to retail: “this shoe will become your new best friend.” As soon as I said it I felt as if I’d betrayed myself. It sounded so corny, and I’ve always prided myself on my ability to be honest with my customers, never offering up an empty promise. As soon as this customer left, toting her gorgeous new boots, I asked myself: was what I said really an empty promise? Could a shoe actually offer the same companionship of a bff forever? 

I thought about my recent purchasing history and the PERFECT Frye Jillian Chelsea boots that had come home with me just a couple weeks before. Simple, with a slightly pointed toe, flat and in a color of cognac, the shape is serious menswear while the Chelsea tabs help to remind everyone that I’m still a woman. Since owning these perfect little boots, we’ve done so much together. Just a week prior, I had agreed to attend a party where I literally knew one person who was going to be there who ended up no-showing. I had worn ultra-skinny black jeans, an oversized Acne oxford button up with dolman sleeves, a giant jeweled necklace, and an oversized cape from Left on Houston. And of course, my Frye Jillians. I entered with the confidence of a girl who was showing up with friends and not pathetically alone. My little boots were right by side the entire time making me feel like the coolest girl in the room. We were having such a great time together, I had a hard time figuring out how so many people were restraining themselves from fighting over who got to talk to me next.

I thought about my attachment to this boot and realized it’s totally natural and not at all creepy and obsessive. This boot is there for me when I just don’t know what I need, guiding me into a cool, flattering, confidence-donning outfit every time. I feel an incessant need to take care of these boots and I know they wouldn’t dream of hurting me either. We go out at night together, but I also love just running errands with them, sometimes catching a glimpse of their perfectly short and wide ankle opening and smiling at how attached I am to the details of them. I know that even if I find a new obsession and possibly a new best-friend-shoe, I will always own my Jillians and fondly look back on the time when we were inseparable. I realized that when I told the woman that the white booties would be her new best friend I wasn’t being a sales-hungry jerk. Her grungy style that day which included ripped boyfriend jeans, a band tee shirt layered with a flannel and black blazer promised that a white bootie would be the exciting new companion that she wanted to take everywhere with her. 

You still shouldn’t believe a sales person if they’re trying to tell you that a new scarf is going to make your period cramps go away. I’m sure you know this already, but scarves can’t do that. Next time, however, if someone such as myself is feeding you a cheesy-sounding promise such as: “these shoes will be your new best friend,” consider the possibility. Because although it’s never a good idea to dump your human best friends in favor of inanimate objects, sometimes shoes can actually become the new ornament to your life that make everything more delightful. 

I’ve got a few candidates for your new best-friend-shoes. These are shoes that are versatile, edgy, comfortable, flattering and ready to go with you anywhere.

The Jeffrey Campbell "In-Love" goes with EVERYTHING.The black and nude combo makes them more interesting than your average neutral and the pointed toe and side cutouts keep your legs looking long and lean.

The Sixty Seven "Lilian" is a perfect way to try the latest peep-toe-boot trend. The chunky heels makes them easy to wear and the design is cool without being over-the-top trendy.

The Jessica Simpson "Tannere" with it's little kitten is a nod to the 50's, but the ankle strap and  studs keep them modern.

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