Sunday, July 1, 2012


I love animal prints (leopard, zebra, cheetah you name it). I love them on shoes, pillows, scarves, curtains, actually almost anything. I know this sounds random, but... Wouldn’t a leopard Sonic Care toothbrush be FABULOUS?

I do, however, need to qualify... Animal prints done wrong are terrible! As in unusable, not even halfway cute, why did someone produce this, and who in the heck would buy this!

So, when I’m looking for animal print shoes for the store, I’m really picky about not only the actual print, but where its put on the shoe and how much is used. Its like my own litmus test for shoes with prints.

When I found the Dolce Vita Janna, it passed all my tests. I love the heel height, I love the look of the animal print used (snake, hisssssssss!), and I love the mix you get with this wedge: a little snake, a little luggage, a little buckle. The straps are also perfect  – they hit right below the ankle and do NOT cut your legs off, thus this wedge is MissMeer's approved for dresses, skirts and shorts. Another thing is since the color of the shoe is tan, the straps and most of the shoe blend into your skin, making the snake pop.

I’d like to wear this out at King Estate winery with a pair cream shorts, a flowy taupey colored top, and a glass of pinot gris. It’s a summer must have.


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