Friday, March 30, 2012


Sam Edelman Tacoma
I do the buying for MissMeers. I go to massive conventions where there's literally millions of the latest and greatest in shoes. So when I say I was taken aback when I spied this beauty you know it really stood out in a crowd.

Literally drooling, I held it in my hands, and said, “I have to have this shoe!”

That was over a year ago, so when I ripped open the new shipment from Sam Edelman guess who came back into my life? It was like getting reacquainted with a lost love.

Sam Edelman’s “Tacoma” peep-toe pump is simple yet has spectacular attention to detail.

Take a close look.

Do you see the back heel and how they sliced in a piece of rich luggage colored leather? See the toe bed? Its black lizard. Now sit back, and look at the stunning cream colored snake that makes up the rest of the shoe. Did you notice the heel? I’ve never seen one like it, its asymmetrical: wide enough to be stable, yet slim enough to still be sexy.

My first outfit will be a basic skinny jean (to show the shoe of course!) and a flowy black top.

Once the sun really starts, I might be brave enough to wear it with shorts. Then of course there is a khaki pant, a plain black dress, leggings, a maxi skirt… the possibilities are endless once my mind starts REALLY mulling this over.

Being apart from this shoe for over a year might actually have been a good thing. I was able to fall in love all over again.

I’ve thanked Sam before, and I hate to say it, but I have to do it again. He’s making some incredible shoes.

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