Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I just came back from vacation where I took two pairs of brand new, unworn shoes. I never do this.

In fact I always tell customers to break-in a new pair before leaving. I usually suggest wearing them just like a pair of sneakers: do errands in them, vacuum the house, do dishes, clean the living room. The point being, if you wear them while being active they'll get broken-in and your feet will adjust, thus making walking through an airport and standing in a taxi line feel like a breeze.

I've been selling shoes and preaching my "break-in before vacation" mantra for a long-time. And then I broke my own rule...

It was the day before I left for Palm Springs and I realized I didn't have the right shoes. I wanted a wedge I could dress-up with jeans or wear with shorts. I also needed a basic sandal for heading to the pool. Could I possibly bring two unworn shoes on vacation?

I planed on flying in an airplane, drinking cocktails, sitting in the sun, walking to dinner (think MAJOR swelling), could I find a wedge and sandal that could stand the test?

This ended up working out so well I had to blog about it.

For my sandal I got the Splendid “Madrid." It was my perfect pool, shorts, rolled up jeans, tanks, and t’s shoe. There is something very sophisticated and chic about this flip-flop. I'm actually getting a backup pair. I am seriously SMITTEN. Some of you might recognize the name Splendid and think of the dreamy T-shirt line? Yes, it's the same one - this is their first season with shoes and they are just as dreamy!

Sixty Seven
Moka Love
For the wedge I picked a new brand for Miss Meers called Sixty Seven. The wedge I chose is called "Moka Love" (Where the heck do they come up with these names?). It's made in Spain of Italian leathers, those same luxurious leathers line the inside. Its simple, but elegant, which for me a wedge hasn’t quite ever been able to be. It has a perfect platform, so while it's tall, my foot isn't at an unreasonable pitch. The color is dark and rich, but also very easy to wear with spring colors. I loved it with shorts, but also was comfortable in a wide-leg jean and flowy tank.

While I can’t say that my “break-in before vacation” mantra has totally changed, I can tell you that there are SOME shoes that can be worn for the first time without any issues!

Posted by Meera
MissMeer Eugene


  1. Great article - and I agree with you about breaking in shoes before a trip. (It is always nice to be able to break rules from time to time, though. :-) )

    I can see I'm going to have to check these two pairs out, I love them both. Plus, they look as if they are easy to slip off for the TSA routine in the airport.

    I have two pairs of Gentle Souls shoes, and I'd consider them in the "no breaking in" category, too.

    Hope you had a fabulous vacay, Meera!

  2. I have these coming in from the Eugene store to Corvallis--can't WAIT to try them on! Love the color of the leather, looks like you could dress them up or down too. VERY excited!!! :)

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