Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Harness 12R
What is it that makes a great shoe brand? Is it their length of time in business? Is it standing behind their product? Or is it a company making such a quality item that it can be worn for decades with ease?

A Frye is an investment. A marriage of style and comfort that will go the distance. Their products get better with age. The wear marks, scuffs and stains only adds charm and character and makes them truly your own.

Frye has been around since 1863! The soldiers in the Civil War and World War II wore Frye boots. They are the oldest shoe company in the USA. Frye’s unique bench-crafted construction makes each pair distinctive and fit differently. For this reason, no two Fryes are exactly alike.

Made with beautiful rich leathers once you own a pair of Fryes it’s hard to settle for anything else. From their iconic Harness Boot to their newer tailored Harlow Campus Boot there is always something to be admired by Frye.

One of my favorite styles right now by Frye is our new Carson Tab Tall boot. The leather is super buttery and the timeless design will go with everything. The height is perfect for many different leg lengths, it’s not too tall. It also has little stitch details that make me smile.

Harlow Campus, Carson Pull Tab, Jackie Button
In contract to the basic Carson Tab, I also love the Jenna Studded Short boot. The leather has a sparkly shine to it. The studs remind me of crocodile scales, I think the boot is just plain rockin! Pair it with dark skinny jeans and you will be ready to take on the town.

There are many more styles that we carry that I adore and dream of. The Jackie Button and Veronica Slouch just to mention a few.

Jenna Studded
Frye is like your favorite chocolate bar. Once you have one square you want to indulge in more. So go ahead peel back that wrapper and dive into the sweet satisfaction of Frye. A taste that has been celebrated for almost 150 years!


  1. I have gotten two pairs of Frye's at Miss Meers Corvallis now and am sure I will be back to treat myself to a birthday present in January! :)

  2. You can't go wrong with Frye's! I got my first pair (Harness) at Miss Meers several year's ago, and WOW, once you go Frye, no other boots will do. I got a pair of Carson's this summer at Miss Meers, and it is indeed true - the leather is buttery soft, and I know they will get more gorgeous with each passing season! (Not to mention even more comfortable.) I was talking with my local shoe cobbler, and he told me that while most shoes they see are getting cheaper and cheaper in terms of craftsmanship and quality, Frye's are one of the few brands they have seen remain true to their high-quality roots. Yes, they are investment, but worth every penny!

  3. have several pairs of Frye's from Miss Meers, love them all and have worn them a ton! timeless style and comfort.

  4. me too! I have the Carsons in smoke color, and the 15R Harness. They are built to last, that's for sure! It's about the only part of winter I like - wearing my Fryes. :-)