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Every year as Summer starts to wind down, I find myself pretending Fall has arrived just a little earlier than your average person might. The forecast might say overcast and 75, but it's not going to stop me from wearing sweaters and scarves and ignoring every reminder that we still have a few weeks of Summer left. The way I see it, if I embrace the seasons change early, maybe it'll convince the colder weather to come around faster. That's my theory, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

One of my favorite parts about dressing for Fall and Winter is getting to wear boots all day, every day. While I definitely live in my booties year round, there's something just a little bit more satisfying about slipping them on over thick woolen socks and layering on a coat and scarf before heading out for the day. My life is so at peace when I have a good boot on. Nothing gives me a confidence boost quite like a brand new pair, and maybe you've had the same feeling.

I think the style of boot we gravitate towards says a lot about who we are as people, too. I am a life-long boot monogamist and can't imagine a future where I don't wear an ankle boot practically every day. I love and admire other styles, but when I bring them home, I can't help feel a little guilty to not be wearing my booties! So, for this post, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of our newest styles and to see what your favorite pair says about you!

ANKLE BOOTIE: These boots are the perfect combination of sophisticated, flirty and put together- just like you are! You have your finger on the pulse, but are also a fan of classics, which means you know how to pick a trend that won't fade into obscurity. You like to be a little edgy, but always manage to keep your style ultra feminine. You're definitely the most likely to be wearing something that makes a statement, but you know how to make even the boldest of statements seem effortless. You can bet no matter what you pair them with, you'll have heads turning to look at your shoes every time you step out.

1. Splendid "Addie" 2. Corso Como "Dynamite" 3. Jessica Simpson "Delaine" 4. Chocolat Blu "Horizon" 

MID CALF: This style speaks to everyone. Perhaps you're the up-and-coming gal in your 20s looking for something a little less casual than a knee high, but not too dressy to stop you throwing them on over your favorite pair of jeans. Or, maybe you're the woman in her 50s who wants to bring a little more fun to her wardrobe without committing to a super short bootie. Whatever your story is, you like things a little unique, but you can never go past something that's versatile and practical. The midi boot is the perfect fit for you.

1.  Eric Michael "Carlotta" 2. Fly London "Lask" 3. Frye "Veronica Short" 

KNEE HIGH: The tried and true classic boot. You know what you like and you stick to it. But just because you prefer things that are tried and true doesn't mean your style is anything but exceptional. You're choosy when it comes to your staples! It's probably the reason why your style will always stand the test of time and remain ever so classy and chic. For when you want to elevate your style or keep things simple and sleek, you are never short on options at Miss Meers.

1. Sam Edelman "Foster" 2. Frye "Molly Gore Tall" 3. Matisse "Tawny".

FLAT VS. HEELED: Boot style aside, the other great personality reflector is what kind of heel height you gravitate towards. For those of you who are drawn to heels, you like things that are a little classy. You're confident in yourself and you know how to have fun when it comes to your style and your day to day life! Even in the Winter, you keep things flirty and dramatic, all while staying effortlessly cool. If you find yourself constantly in flats, it doesn't mean you don't know how to dress things up! You know how to be practical, yet still stylish enough to take an outfit to the next level. You're always ready for anything and your choice of shoe reflects that. And when you pair your favorite boots with your most flattering pair of jeans, who says you can't be sexy, too?

1. Sam Edelman "Fairfield"  2. Frye "Patty Artisan Zip"  3. Miz Mooz "Roselle"
4. Sam Edelman "Mackay"  5. Miz Mooz "Luna"  6. Frye "Erin Workboot" 

Whatever kind of boot you find yourself in this year, or however many of these categories you fit into, one thing is for sure: you have a knack for style. Now that's one thing that won't change with the seasons.

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