Wednesday, October 28, 2015


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Miss Meers Bridgeport

With Fall fully upon us now, the adjustment to cold weather attire has definitely hit the Northwest! Hopefully, you are full of fall outfitting inspiration and are giving new life to your briefly-forgotten favorite boots and sweaters. But just because you are rekindling your love for classics from seasons past doesn't mean there isn't room in your heart (or closet!) for a few brand new loves. One trend we've seen sprouting up everywhere lately- from the runway at Elie Saab, to the feet of countless street style fashionistas- is green footwear.

Just like this season's incredibly popular feminine-meets-military look, so many designers are taking a leaf, so to speak, out of nature's book and bringing gorgeous shades of ivy, olive and rusted green to their Fall releases. As good a neutral as any brown shoe you could find, green gives just that little bit of unique interest to take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. From dressy to functional, at Miss Meers, we've got you covered in all styles and shades- guaranteed to make everyone you meet absolutely green with envy. 

BOOTIES AND PURSES: Green booties? Sign us up! They are the perfect combination of two of this Fall's biggest trends, and with so many gorgeous styles to choose from, you can't go wrong. While you're at it, why not add another pop of color to your outfit with a green cross body bag?

1. Frye "Renee Seam Short" 2. Miz Mooz "Roselle" 3. Matisse "Galveston" 
4. Matt & Nat "Blinkin Citrus" 5. Latico "Jamie Crunch Olive" 

ALL WEATHER & DRESSY SHOES: If booties aren't for you, you definitely aren't out of options! For the times you need to buckle down and get some yard work done, or if you simply want to stay dry amidst this heavy Oregon rain-you can still be just as fashion forward as you are comfortable and dry! And when it's time to kick up your heels or go out for a casual day of errands, you can bet there's a green shoe for those times, too.

1. Hunter "Adjustable Gloss"  2. Seychelles "Harp" 3. Sperry "Saltwater" 
4. Jeffrey Campbell "Vionnet"

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