Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Who's ready for summertime getaways?! I know I am. Already, I'm dreaming up holidays at the coast, trips to Bend, and extended weekends in Palm Springs. Am I getting just a little ahead of myself? Maybe. But the way I see it, the best way to push through these last few weeks of Spring rain is to start planning those sunny days approaching.

Which leads to my big question: what sandal(s) to wear?!

Let's break it down.

Havaianas. Known for their patented rubber sole, these flip flops are probably the most traditional, casual option. Worn with simple shorts and sundresses, or even just a swimsuit, they're the easiest throw'n'go for hot days.

Next up, Reef. Same casual comfort, but Reefs have that highly sought after arch. They're foamy and mold to your foot, so offer a little more support.

Saltwater sandals! OK, we all remember having a pair when we were little/dressing our kids in them, and they are still the same well made leather sandals of summers past. They stay put on slippery feet while running through rivers, and look deliciously sweet with a maxi skirt for later.

Tkees. These flippies are just a little more dressed up. Just a little - you can still wear them with cut offs and a white t. They've got that luxe leather footbed and narrow strap, so really up the ante if you're one to sport a perfect pedi all summer long. As seen on the lovely feet of celebs like Angie Jolie, Jen Aniston, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, etc, etc.

So now that I've talked myself into needing one of each.... Reefs for walking in Bend, Hav's at the coast, Tkees for Cali and Saltwaters at the river. A girl needs options, right?

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