Thursday, April 10, 2014



Here at Miss Meers, we are strong believers in opposites attracting. Mixing hard with soft, masculine with feminine, vintage with modern has always been one of our favorite past-times. It’s always a sure-fire way to keep an outfit from going over-board in one direction. I’m all for it. But I’m also all for going over-board. Every now and then I like to pick a style and wear it to the max, from head to toe. Thinking of wearing denim? Wear your favorite chambray shirt underneath your denim overalls (one of my favorite throw-back trends this season). Just watched American Hustle and feel like going 70’s? Go ahead: pair those high-waisted flare jeans with hoop earrings and ridiculous platforms. At the sober age of 23, I've already realized life is too short to always be restraining yourself from following your stylish heart wherever it wants to take you. Because although we are inundated with fashion rules constantly, fashion is, above all, about fun. So go overboard! Maybe not every day (there’s still something to be said for refinement and balance), but every now and then have some fun taking your outfit to the max and run the risk of looking like a character from a movie. It’s like a wise man (my dad) once said: everything in moderation, even moderation. And now I show you the perfect shoes to go overboard with.

The Matisse “Glare” is ridiculous. I love it, but it’s ridiculous. The copious amounts of jewels are almost challenging me, as if to say, “try to tone me down, I dare you.” Don’t take the dare. Pair them with pieces equally as opulent to create an overly-rich and girly ensemble.

The Dolce Vita “Montey” screams Western, and I’m suggesting you embrace your inner-Southwestern cowgirl (we've all got one) and saddle up.

Finally, the Naya “Monroe”, with its enormous platform, will complete your all-out 70’s outfit. Because sometimes, when you want to dress like a flower-child,
you want to REALLY dress as a flower-child.

Side-note: The incredible McGuire "Majorelle" flare jeans pictured here can be found at the Eugene Miss Meers!

The great thing about these shoes is that they work perfectly with your over-the-top outfits, but they’ll be there for you tomorrow when you opt for a more balanced look. That being said, let’s leave balance for tomorrow and embrace reckless indulgence today.

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