Wednesday, June 25, 2014


McGuire "Majorelle" Jean, available in Eugene. 

Posted by Grace
Miss Meers Bridgeport

If you're anything like me, when you find something you love that falls just a weeeee bit outside your budget, you waste no time getting down to business. And by business I mean bargaining. Bargaining with yourself to prove that you aren't making a flippant decision to splurge.

Rule numero uno? Think of three ways you can wear this item. Three outfits, three totally different occasions. If you're at a loss for what you wear it with, or where you're going to wear it, maybe it's not worthy of swearing off your daily latte or juice bar for the month.

Enter Mcguire's Majorelle: super long, super flared, super flattering, super distressed, super -- you get the idea -- trouser jean. I mean the craftsmanship alone on these things.... and Christina Aguilera wears this line. And the designer is from Eugene! Let's just say when I met this particular pair of pants I went into a tailspin of excuses and reasons they had to be mine. Even with all that amazingness, they still had to pass my test.

They did, of course, and here's how:

Outfit 1: Date Night! Strap on the stilettos, pile on the gold and silver bling (don't make me say it.... Yes, mix and match those metals!), and grab a clutch. We're getting a babysitter and going for drinks. Sexy crochet tank? Check. The jeans will be the cherry on top, making me feel like my legs are miles long and ever so thin (that distressing does WONDERS in the optical illusion department).
Shoe: Sam Edelman Addie

Outfit 2: Casual Friday. Ok, every day is casual Friday for me, but my work outfits (casual as they can be) still need to look put together, and wearing denim to work doesn't have to be sloppy. A flowy silk blouse with a fitted cardigan will dress up the jeans without overwhelming them. Throw on some comfy-cute clogs (because I'll be on my feet all day), grab a bag that fits all my files, and finish it off with some chunky jewelry.
Shoe: Swedish Hasbeen Braided Sky High in gold

Outfit 3: Holiday Weekend. The fourth of July is just around the corner, so what better way to convince myself these are a good purchase, than to picture them traveling with me for the holiday weekend. Pulled on over a bikini, paired with a slouchy-tuck white tee. Sun hat in tow, beach bag ready, and sunglasses polished, I'd say we've got a winner. Grab the espadrilles, let's go!
Shoe: Splendid Ganes

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