Tuesday, June 3, 2014


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Miss Meers Bridgeport

Swedish Hasbeen Braided Sky High
Recently I was talking to a customer about that weird notion that keeps us from wearing our new special items, and instead, “saving” them. Those shoes that are a little higher, the top that goes a little lower, or maybe even your brand new, made-to-look-lived-in denim jacket, whatever the item is, it is new and we might feel a pressure to “do it justice” when we wear it for the first time. But why wait to debut our new clothes and shoes?! We can literally wear them again!

Michael Kors Calder & CK Serenity
That's why when I saw American Hustle, with Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams dressed to the nines on a regular basis, I was reminded of that conversation and inspired to actually WEAR the special occasion shoes and dresses that I let sit in my closet. The next day I glammed it up: I put on my Calvin Klein “Vivians,” some flowy culottes and a silky button up with full makeup and hair done. I strutted self consciously around the Bridgeport mall feeling a little silly; were people wondering “what is she wearing, where does she think she is going?” No! No one cared, and if they did, it was just to compliment me on my outfit.

CK Vivian
When fashion inspiration strikes, seize it and rock those looks that might scare you a little bit! Don't judge yourself for being over dressed. Those you encounter will more than likely be inspired by your style and maybe they'll go home and get out that piece they've been holding on to. 

Here are my favorite glamorous yet wearable shoes from Miss Meers with some American Hustle  inspired outfits that won't translate as costumey. 

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