Friday, August 19, 2011


Has a shoe ever made you feel better just by looking at it?

That's what the Kelsi Dagger "Daralis" sandal does for me. When I pull them out of the box I find myself transported to somewhere tropical, luscious and magical, where life drama's and stresses are not allowed.

This shoe is divine!

Imagine soft, buttery leather caressing your foot with every step. The fashion forward gladiator style is edgy and universally flattering and the peakcock feather is just the splash of color you need to stop traffic.

Kelsi Dagger shoes never seem to disappoint me.

Designers Adoni and Giordano sum it up best when describing the woman inspiring their designs: She is... "Confident, Independent and Dangerous."

Hearing this description you can understand why they named the shoe company after a english literary show girl and femme fatal. Maybe that's why I feel so dramatic and sexy when I slip them on my feet.

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