Thursday, June 16, 2011


Traveling shoes don't have to be painful or unsightly. I'm going on a dream trip to Europe this summer and needed a comfortable fashion forward sandal for my travels. I found it: The Gentle Soles "Break My Heart."

All Gentle Soles are deerskin lined with flaxseed pillows embedded in the foot bed. This combination creates the softest shoe I’ve ever tried on. It’s basically heaven on my feet. And who doesn’t want to walk in Heaven?

They require no break-in time which is perfect for me since I will be on the go non-stop! Throw these babies on with a pair of denim shorts and a cute tank for the day. And when the evening comes leave the shoes on and change into a cute summer dress. They are the most versatile shoe in my closet… who am I kidding they don’t even make it into my closet that’s how much I wear them!

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