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With Memorial Day weekend coming up and Summer waiting right around the corner we have officially reached my personal favorite time of year: VACATION SEASON!!! It seems with each passing day I get asked one question more and more frequently. "What shoe should I pack for my trip to (blank)?"

Packing for a vacation isn't just a boring chore, it is a science. It takes research and lots of trial and error to narrow your bag down to just the right essentials, and shoes are no exception. The perfect travel shoe is as versatile as it is comfortable, and fits in with your (temporary) new surroundings just right. Going somewhere new is the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, and embrace a new style. Here's a cheat sheet of what I think are the PERFECT go to shoes for these popular vacation destinations!

New York: All Black "Grand Open Perf"

When you're vacationing in one of the fashion capitals of the world, you definitely want to fuse a little style into your travel wardrobe. This shoe is perfect. The black will match just about any outfit, but it has a lot more visual interest than your classic flat. Dress it up to go to out to dinner, or down to go sightseeing. You might even convince someone that you're a local!

Disneyland: Camper Ballet Flat

It's hard for me to remember my first time going to Disneyland as a full grown adult. I have lots of wonderful memories of going as a child, but the memories of the most recent time are clouded by thoughts of the horrible blisters I got from my very cute but INCREDIBLY uncomfortable shoes. Don't underestimate the amount of walking involved in a Disney vacation. Bring something that will be comfortable ALL day, like these Campers!

San Francisco: Toms "Desert Wedge"

If you think Oregon is full of hipsters, just wait until you visit San Francisco. Toms are the PERFECT shoe to fit in with this crowd. Ankle boots are trendy, and the colorful piping on this one gives it a unique touch. The low wedge is also super comfortable for walking up and down the SF hills. BONUS: Every purchase from Toms helps a person in need. Check it out.

Hawaii: Tkees

Okay, this ones pretty easy. Flip flops and the beach go together like peanut butter and jelly. Tkees aren't just any flip flop though. The minimal design was inspired by St. Barths and is meant to blend in with your foot like makeup. There is not a sundress or bikini this shoe won't go with. You might not need to bring anything else!

Staycation: Steve Madden "Rivett"

Sometimes the best vacations are spent at home. Like George Costanza once famously said, why not try taking a "vacation from yourself" instead by wearing something a little out of your comfort zone? The Steve Madden "Rivett" takes an Oregon favorite (the Birkenstock) and turns it on its head by adding sparkles galore. Start with an adventurous shoe and who know what adventures might find you!

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