Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Posted by Carly
Miss Meers Eugene

If there is one thing I love more than shoes it MIGHT be dessert. As I am constantly tempted by the chocolate kisses sitting on my desk for customers, I often find my mind wandering to thoughts of ice cream sundaes and cronuts when I'm supposed to be working.
Desserts, much like footwear, can be very tempting. Everyone has that one treat that they can NOT resist. In this (as always) incredibly scientific blog post, I attempt to determine what shoe you will love based on your favorite dessert. Let's begin!

1. Mini Cupcake - Jeffrey Campbell "So Easy Jewel"
You're girly and fun and you can't resist a little sparkle. You like your desserts bite sized and your shoes easy to slip on and off. This Jeffrey Campbell is for you!

2. Biscotti - Calvin Klein "Sable"
You are always put together and "classy" is basically your middle name. You haven't worn flats since you learned how to walk and you won't be stopping any time soon. You take a biscotti with your morning double espresso to go. This shoe is PERFECT for you. Sleek and stylish with the comfort you can count on from Calvin Klein.

3. Bacon Maple Bar - Matisse "Exotic"
You're not afraid to take risks with your fashion. Someone says '"lace up calf hair sandal" and its like they're calling your name. You don't back away from risky food either. The Bacon Maple Bar is famous in Oregon thanks to local favorite Voodoo Doughnut. Cured pork product on a doughnut? Doesn't scare you!

4. Baked Alaska - All Black "Ankle Lace Geo"
You are passionate, hardworking and you put 100% into everything you do. You don't indulge yourself too often, but when you do you don't fool around. Baked Alaska is the epitome of decadence. It has everything. Ice cream, cake, oh, and did I mention FIRE? If you're gonna buy shoes, you want something special too. Treat yourself to the All Black "Ankle Lace Geo". This sandal has everything. Pattern, color, and just the right platform height.

5. Vanilla Ice Cream - Frye "Carson" Ballet Flat -
Practical and simple, you like a dessert you can always count on to be delicious. You'll try the occasional trendy treat but you always find yourself going back to your tried and true favorite.This Frye flat, much like your go to vanilla ice cream, never goes out of style.

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