Friday, August 1, 2014


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Miss Meers Bridgeport 

Recently, I had a customer come to me with this request: "I need a happy hour shoe." I had to hesitate for a second -- I thought I knew what she meant, but never had I heard it put so succinctly! "It's not an evening or party shoe (stiletto), but it still needs to be a little hot. It isn't casual (no flats), but it needs to be kinda... low key. You know, to wear to happy hour."

And so in a last hurrah for summer, this darling phrase got me thinking about some favorite happy hour shoes, and the outfits one might pair with them. I was inspired to make a date with the bestie. Our outdoor seating days are numbered, after all. 

The Single Sole Wedge.
Try something with a low to medium heel height, on a single sole (no platform). The shoe will flex and move with your foot while you jet between locations.
Love both of these shoes with white jeans or shorts and a navy silk blouse. KCR Oh Ava & Matisse Reach.

The Clog Sandal.
If you like a little platform, the clog sandal is your hero. They are just a bit elevated to give you some height, and slightly more feminine than their trendy cousin the flatflorm. A perfect choice if happy hour lands you pub-side.
Swedish Hasbeen Braided Sky High & Miz Mooz Harlene are both darling with boyfriend jeans and a vintage t-shirt.

Black and Strappy.
There is always something sexy about a black shoe, right? If you are hitting a dressier spot, pick this color and then keep it low or with a chunky heel. Cheers!
Fab with a mini shift or black skinnies and a denim vest. Bernardo Bamboo & Seychelles Menace.

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