Friday, March 22, 2013


Sam Edelman Tyra
I am not a sparkle girl.  I love a little bling here and there (diamond studs! sparkle bracelet!) but I draw the line at an all over sparkle top, large sparkle earring, or decked out shoe. 

While this hasn't changed, it may have been slightly altered since Tyra came into my life. This shoe is gorgeous!  I adore the luggage colored leather mixed with the layer of mesh sparkle. It's unexpected, and yet so perfectly matched. 

I’m picturing it worn with cutoff shorts and a flowy top, and think it would be equally as cute with a maxi dress.  It's chic. And you know what else I love? This shoe makes my ugly feet actually feel pretty. 

Posted By Meera
MissMeers Eugene

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  1. Hi Meera! I'm sure you don't have ugly feet! No way!

    I love these sandals - great color, they look comfy, and the bling is great! :-) Two Thumbs UP!