Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Sam Edelman Lorna
If I died today and came back as a shoe tomorrow, I would want to be the Sam Edelman “Lorna.”

Simply put, it is amazing.

This is the heel that makes you stand up a little straighter, hold your chin a bit higher, and strut your stuff like you’re on the runway at New York Fashion Week.

It’s feminine, classic, and sexy to a fault. And of course, coming from Sam, this heel is made of the most luxurious buttery soft leather it makes my feet sing with joy. I’m also super excited they included one of my favorite colors for this season, pewter.

Pewter rhinestones may be one of the most fantastic things I have ever seen; they’re rich in color and the way the light catches them they sparkle so beautifully. And to add pewter metal spikes as well…ah, these heels are so fantastic I can hardly stand it.

I can’t wait for all of the holiday parties to start so I can take my new BFF Lorna out with me to show it off. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect little navy blue number to go with it, but I have faith that it is out there somewhere.

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